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• 9/26/2017


Hows it going guys Im looking for a place where i can edit things to actually make me worthy of to be one of you xD
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• 9/18/2017

edain mod

its great this edain mod wiki :)
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• 3/13/2017

New Game Engine

The Battle For Middle-Earth: The Seventh Age:
A New Game Engine
So, I don't know about you guys, but I'm actually serious about hoping our children's children for the next hundred years are still playing this Mod. Anyone know what the most basic, preliminary steps are to think in, to go from what's been done so far, to creating a new Game Engine?

Faction Cap Limit, Build Style Toggle
I see that on at least one page of the Wiki, ''the RotWK Game Engine was never meant to handle this level of complexity in the first place, and we can only add a maximum of 11 factions, so some factions must be sub-factions forever." I'd like to ask about the very far future:
What would be the very next short term or medium term goal that would make it some percentage more likely that in future, the Mod will be able to handle more than 11 Factions, and the ability to toggle between Free Build and Fixed Build Plots? I.E.: This would need a New Game Engine, or at least some powerful Mod of some existing Game Engine that's more advanced that Rise of the Witch-King.

Balance Eventually Won't Matter, as long as it Runs.
Pretend that, for example, ''balance'' isn't a complete non-issue to the futuristic vision of the community, as the majority that would want to keep adding Factions would simply want new Lore added. Sort of imagine a very, very, MTG: Commander/EDH vibe to it, where the units might be ''hilariously OP and utterly broken in every way." after a certain point, but the fun of the game would remain and people would still play online with each other.

Overview of Video Game Hacking, Console Hacking
It feels like the possibilities are almost endless with Mods and ROMs up to the level of complexity of approximately N64, but for example, Gamecube/Wii hacking of the highest order seems to be sort of elusive (Modded Box contraptions to play 'every Nintendo cartridge type' haven't incorporated Gamecube in them yet. I would presume the day Retron 12 announces something monstrous that can handle ''Everything from PS2 backwards across the board" would be a significant sign of powerful things in Uber Secrets of Videogame Hacks, but making the leap from that to XBox360 and PC obviously seems, for now, to be impossibly out of reach, certainly with the limited Team size we currently have.

Re-Asking the Question:

What Are The Computer Power Limits of Edain Mod's Future, Using Advanced Emulaton? And How Do We Get To More Possibility?
Individual ideas for what to do with increased computer power would be up for debate of course, but I think either way, we should all be able to agree that if we increase the Power of the "Ring", then more stuff can be done, and more easily.

So basically, other than recruiting simply man-power (other programmers and developers), what obstacles are in the way for a large expansion of Edain in the future? To influx new blood and simply increase manpower, in the first place could any of the Sub-modders be brought onto the Official Edain Team? Is there a barrier to that?

I'd like to start a room for discussion of the Very Biggest Ideas, since almost certainly they aren't being explored in detail yet because they seem too big to take on.
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