Angmar does not have a unique outpost expansion like Isengard's Steelworks or Mordor's Minas Morgul Outpost; instead, the Outpost Citadel can receive one of two specializations which unlocks related perks and heroes.


The player may choose between one of the following:

Garrison tower upgrade Garrison Tower: The Witch-King gives the land to the Men of Carn Dum. The outpost becomes a defensive tower with additional hitpoints and defensive archers. Men of Carn Dum are recruited 30% faster and the outpost gains 800 hitpoints. Enables the recruitment of Helegwen at the outpost. Cost: 500
Sorcery tower upgrade Tower of Sorcery: The Witch-King gives the land to his sorcerers. The tower becomes a tower of sorcery. As long as it stands spells recharge 20% faster (up to 40% with two towers) and sorcerers can use every spell. Enables the recruitment of Zaphragor at the outpost. Cost: 500


Resource Production - This building produces resources. It produces 10 Resources every 12 seconds by default. This number can be modified through upgrades and abilities.

Tribute to the iron crown Tribute to the Iron Crown - Recruitment buildings of Angmar can be upgraded to level 2 and 3 by collecting tribute from the Witch-King's vassals. Orc Camps, Hillmen Villages, Barrows, and Outposts spawn tribute carts every 4 minutes that can be sent into any recruitment structure to upgrade it and generate resources. The tribute carts from the Outpost give twice as much experience to a building and generate twice as many resources. (Passive ability)


Name Weapon(s) Role Cost Requirement
Helegwen Bow Unit Interferer 1400 Garrison Tower
Zaphragor Sword Mass Slayer 2500 Tower of Sorcery


The Angmar Outpost is a key element of Angmar strategy: it allows the player to gain access to additional build plots, tribute carts (which give resources) and heroes. In addition, the Outpost tribute carts are more powerful and grant more XP to the buildings they go in.

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