"At its greatest Arnor included all Eriador, except the regions beyond the Lune, and the lands east of Greyflood and Loudwater, in which lay Rivendell and Hollin."
The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, Annals of Kings and Rulers

Arnor is a defensive faction with a massive ring of walkable walls which can be equipped with many different extensions. This faction has 9 available building plots, the highest number of possible, but also has a high diversity of buildings that are necessary for a balanced game. Gondor and Arnor are available depending on the selected map.

On camp maps, Arnor camp is surrounded by a simple wall with a single entrance.

Arnor's units can take various formations and are focused primarily to close their lines and withstand the enemy. On settlements, Arnor can call the hero Cirdan and units from Lindon.

Arnor is a unique faction that is only accessible on certain maps. As a sub-faction of Gondor, its units and buildings are similar. In order to play as Arnor, select Gondor on certain maps and the game will start with an Arnor base instead of a Gondor one.


Arnor is only playable on the following maps:

  • Amon Sûl Fortress
  • Amon Sûl
  • Angmar
  • Arnor
  • Barrow-downs
  • Cardolan
  • Carn Dûm
  • East-West Road
  • Forochel
  • Fornost
  • Forodwaith
  • Minhiriath
  • Mitheitel spring
  • Mountains of Angmar
  • Mount Gram
  • North Downs
  • Rhudaur
  • River Lhun
  • Wasteland of Forochel

Strategic Points


Arnor has a heavily reinforced castle with a gate, 9 build plots, and many defensive buildings. It can be improved using the upgrades from the Stoneworker building. Postern gates, trebuchets and arrow towers can be built on the defense plots.


The camp has 6 plots with thin walls that do not allow units or defenses on top. There are 4 defense plots inside the camp where the player can build lone towers. The walls can be targeted and destroyed but not rebuilt.


On the outposts Arnor can build an Imladris Stronghold which allows for multiple upgrades and the purchase of Glorfindel and Wind Riders. They can also build a regular outpost which can build the same buildings as a camp or castle.


On the settlements Arnor can build Farms that provide resources, towers of Lindon to recruit Cirdan or a Ranger camp where the player can recruit Aranarth and his Rangers.


Blacksmith (X)
Name/Shortcut Buildable At Cost in resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Citadel Castle, Camp N/A 7000/6000 The citadel is the central building of a fortress or a camp. Heroes can be recruited here. In a fortress the citadel has 7000 lifepoints, in camps 6000. N/A
Town House (Y) Castle, Camp, Outpost 400 2500 Generates taxes Lowers the cost of elite units:

2 Houses: -10%

3 Houses: -15%

4 Houses: -20%

5 Houses: -25%

6 Houses: -30%

Castle, Camp, Outpost 400 2500 The armory is an economy building and additionally you can research Banner Carrier (LV2), Forged Blades (LV3) and Heavy Armor (LV3). Reduces the cost of unit upgrades:

2 smiths: -10%

3 smiths: -15%

4 smiths: -25%

5 smiths: -25%

6 smiths: -30%

Arnor Barracks (C) Castle, Camp, Outpost 300 6500 Trains Dunedain Soldiers (Arnor), Dunedain Pikemen (Arnor), Palace Guards and Palantir Guards of Amon Sul N/A
Arnor Archery Range (V) Castle, Camp, Outpost 300 6500 Trains Arnor Archers and researches fire arrows upgrade (LV3) N/A
Stable (B) Castle, Camp, Outpost 800 6500 Trains Arnor Knights and researches Knight Shields (LV3) N/A
Siege Workshop (N) Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 6500 Builds Battering Rams and Trebuchets and researches Fire Stone (LV3) N/A
Battle Tower (A) Castle, Camp, Outpost 500 4000 Fires arrows on nearby enemies, can be upgraded with fire arrows N/A
Well (S) Castle, Camp, Outpost 200 1500 Nearby allies will heal if not under attack N/A
Heroic Statue (D) Castle, Camp, Outpost 150 1000 Nearby allies gain +20% armor and damage. If they leave the range the effect will last for 30 seconds Reduces the cost of heroes

2 Statues: -10%

3 Statues: -20%

4 Statues: -30%

Market (F) Castle, Camp, Outpost 1500 4000 Allows the research of Grand Harvest, Increased Taxes and Iron Ore N/A
Stoneworker (G) Castle, Camp, Outpost 1000 4500 Allows the research of Reinforced Gate, Numenorean Stonework, Battle Tower Training and Siege Material. Reduces the cost of buildings:

1 Stone workers: -20%

2 Stone workers: -40%

3 Stone workers: -60%


Name Type Where to recruit/ requires Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Dunedain Soldiers (Arnor) Swordsmen Arnor Barracks 200 60 Pikemen Y
Dunedain Pikemen (Arnor) Pikemen Arnor Barracks 300 60 Cavalry X
Palace Guards Swordsmen Arnor Barracks LV2 500 90 All Melee C
Palantir Guards of Amon Sul Heroic Arnor Barracks LV3, Heavy Armor and Forged Blades 1100 90 All Non-Heroic V
Arnor Archers Archer Arnor Archery Range 300 90 At Range Y
Arnor Knights Cavalry Stables 700 120 Archers, Swordsmen Y
Battering Ram Siege Siege Works 500 30 Structures Y
Trebuchets Siege Siege Work LV2 700 40 Structures X

Naval Units

Name Cost CP Strong vs. Description Shortcut
Arnor Transport Ship 100 25 N/A Can transport up to two battalions or heroes to any other location, very weak. If it dies with units inside the units will also die. Y
Arnor Battleship 750 50 At Range, VS Ships Basic ships which shoots at any troops nearby, can be upgraded with improved armor and health regeneration. X
Arnor Siege Vessel 3000 100 Structures Mighty Siege ship which deals huge damage. Can take down a building in merely a couple of hits. Can be upgraded with better armor and health regeneration. C
Dol-Amroth Battleship 1000 50 At Range, VS Ships Elite battleship that can destroy other ships easily, can be upgraded with advanced armor and health regeneration. V



"Arvedui you shall call him, for he will be the last in Arthedain. Though a choice will come to the Dúnedain, and if they take the one that seems less hopeful, then your son will change his name and become king of a great realm. If not, then much sorrow and many lives of men shall pass, until the Dúnedain arise and are united again."
Appendix A: Gondor and the Heirs of Anarion

Malbeth the Seer was a Dúnedain of the North and a royal counselor of Arthedain that lived in the time of King Araphant and King Arvedui. He prophesied that Arvedui would be the last king of Arnor.


Carthaen was an Arnorian general who defended the burial grounds at Cardolan against Angmar's forces. He failed and was turned into a wight, Karsh.


Araphant was the fourteenth king of Arthedain and the father of Arvedui. He forged a marriage alliance with Gondor and held off Angmar's assaults during his reign until his death.


"Arvedui you shall call him, for he will be the last in Arthedain."
The Return of the King: Appendix A, Annals of the Kings and Rulers

Arvedui was the last king of Arthedain. He tried to claim Gondor's throne but failed. Arvedui fled the destruction of Fornost to the Icebay of Forochel. Later, he boarded a ship sent by Cirdan to rescue him. However, the ship sank, and Arvedui drowned. 


"A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to. "

Gandalf was a Maia, one of the Istari sent to combat Sauron in the Third Age. He wandered across all of Middle Earth, helping others. Gandalf was killed by Durin's Bane, but returned as Gandalf the White. In this form, he led the free people against Sauron in the War of the Ring.

External Buildplots


Name/Shortuct Buildable at Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Stronghold of Imladris (X) Outpost 1500 7000 Trains Glorfindel and Wind Riders. Allows the research of Mystic Fountain, Crystal Moat, Blessed Mist, Enchanted Anvil Reduces the cost of unit upgrades (Enchanted Anvil)

1 fortress with anvil: -15%

2 fortress with anvil: -25%

3 fortress with anvil: -33%

Farm (Y) Settlement 200 2500 Generates resources Reduces the cost of Cavalry:

2 Farm: -10%

3 Farm: -15%

4 Farm: -20%

5 Farm: -25%

6 Farm: -30%

Lindon Watchtower Settlement 500 2900 Fire arrows at nearby enemies. Train Lindon Guardians and Cirdan. Can cast Palantir of Elostirion. N/A
Dunedain Tent Settlement 500 3500 Trains Rangers and Aranarth. Allows the research of the Longbow upgrade N/A


Name Type Where to recruit/ requires Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Rangers Archer Ranger Tents 600 120 Infantry, Monsters, At Range Y
Lindon Guardians Swordsmen, Archer Lindon Watchtower 600 90 Depends on sistuation Y
Glorfindel's Wind Riders Heroic Stronghold of Imladris 1400 120 All Standards units C



"But as for me, my heart is with the Sea, and I will dwell by the grey shores until the last ship sails. I will await you."

Cirdan was a Telerian shipwright who lived in Lindon. He was one of the oldest living beings in Middle-earth and was a guardian of the Elven Ring Narya, which he gave to Gandalf. Cirdan prepared the ship that sent the Ring-bearers into the West at the start of the Fourth Age.


Aranarth was the son of Arvedui. After the destruction of Fornost by Angmar, the kingdom of Arnor was no more, and so Aranarth became the first chieftain of the Dunedain until his death.


"Yes, you saw him for a moment as he is upon the other side: one of the mighty of the Firstborn. He is an Elf-lord of a house of princes."

Glorfindel was one of the Eldar of the First Age who was killed by a balrog in the Fall of Gondolin. He was later sent back to Middle-earth by the Valar and lived in Imladris. He participated in the battle to destroy Angmar and predicted the Witch-King's manner of death in the War of the Ring.


Name Cost Can be bought


Requires Effect
Enchanted Anvil 500 Stronghold of Imladris None Reduces the cost of unit upgrades.

  • 1 Fortress with Enchanted Anvil: -15%
  • 2 Fortress with Enchanted Anvil: -25%
  • 3 Fortress with Enchanted Anvil: -33%
Blessed Mist 1000 Stronghold of Imladris None Nearby allies become camouflaged
Crystal Moat 1000 Stronghold of Imladris None Decreases melee vulnerability of the Fortress
Mystic Fountain 1500 Stronghold of Imladris None Provides healing to nearby troops. Heroes revive 25% faster at this fortress.
Composite Bows 600 Ranger Tents None Lowers the recharge time of the ability of the unit equipped gy 33%


The Edain Team has said that the Arnor spellbook will not be revealed in news, instead, player will be able to discover it on their own when 4.5 is released.

4.4 Spellbook

Coming soon...


Name Cost of Research Cost of Equipping Effect Requirement
Banner Carrier 400 200 Promotes battalions to rank two allowing them to replace fallen units while out of combat. Researched at Level 2 Blacksmith
Heavy Armor 600 300 Gives the battalion additional hitpoints and additional armor against ranged attacks. Researched at Level 3 Blacksmith
Forged Blades 600 300 Increases the damage of the battalion against:
  • Other infantry if they are swordsmen
  • Monsters and Cavalry if they are pikemen
  • Buildings if they are cavalry
Researched at Level 3 Blacksmith
Fire Arrows 800 400 Considerably raises damage inflicted by arrows Researched at Level 3 Archery Range
Fire Stones 800 400 Significantly increases damage dealt by Trebuchets and deals damage to garrisoned units. Researched at Level 3 Siege Works
Composite Bows 600 300 Lowers recharge time the Dunedain Rangers' Unexpected Salvo by 33% and doubles the damage. Researched at Ranger Tents
Knight Shields 400 200 Increases armor against pikemen by 25% and armor against swordsmen by 50% Research at level 3 Stable
Grand Harvest 1000 0 Increases resource production of all Farms by 30% Researched at Market
Increased Taxes 1500 0 Increases the resource production of all Town Houses by 30%. Researched at Market
Iron Ore 1500 0 Increases the resource production of Blacksmiths by 20% Researched at Market
Numenorean Stoneworks 1500 0 Increases the armor of walls and towers. Researched at Stoneworker
Reinforced Gate 100 0 Increases hitpoints of gates by 50% (Castle Maps only) Researched at Stoneworker
Battle Tower Training 1500 0 Increases the ranged damage of Battle Towers. Researched at Stoneworker
Siege Materials 500 0 Destroyed structures now refund 50% of the cost. Stoneworker must be maintained to benefit from upgrade. Researched at Stoneworker
Upgrade building to level 2 400 0 Increases training speed by 20%, hitpoints by 1500 and level by 1. Researched at building player desires to upgrade
Upgrade building to level 3 600 0 Increases training speed by 30%, hitpoints by 1500 and level by 1. Researched at building player desires to upgrade
Faithful of Aranarth 0 0 The selected Rangers become Faithful of Aranarth. They gin increased vision and attacked range, are permanently stealthed and gain the Disruptive Fire ability. Aranarth has chosen the path of the Dunedain Chieftain
Barrow Guards 0 0 The selected Rangers become Barrow Guards. They gain higher armor and melee damage, resistance against fear and the Unexpected Salvo ability. Carthaen Level 5

Strategy with Arnor