"Denethor: Whence came this?... Surely this is a blade wrought by our own kindred in the north in the deep past?
Pippin: It came out of the mounds that lie on the borders of my country. But only evil wights dwell there now, and I will not willingly tell more of them."
Denethor and Pippin

The Barrow Wight Lair produces Angmar's spectral Barrow Wights. Nearby enemies lose their resolve, and they suffer from damage and armor penalties and are filled with fear.

Level Up Upgrades

Tribute to the iron crown Tribute to the Iron Crown: This building can be upgraded by collecting tribute from the Witch-King's vassals. Orc Camps, Rhudaur Villages, Barrows, and Outposts regularly spawn tribute carts that can be sent into this building to upgrade it and generate resources. Note: more than one tribute cart is needed to go from level 2 to level 3. For each level gained, this structure gains +1000 HP. An additional Wight will come forth from the crypt to defend it for each level it gains.


Unit Production

This structure produces the following units:

Name Type Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Wight Elite Swordsman 300 45 All standard units except Archers Y


Barrow wight crypt Barrow-Wight Crypt - Enemies in the vicinity of the tomb lose 25% attack and damage and are fearful. The tomb will also be defended by an additional Barrow-wight with each level gained. (Passive ability)


from the Angmar faction page strategy section:


Karsh is a Barrow-wight who functions similarly to other Barrow-wights of Angmar: he moves slowly, but he invokes such terror in his enemies that they can barely fight back. Together with a large force of other Barrow-wights, you have yourself an undead army that sucks the life out of the living to further strengthen the dead. This mid-to-late game strategy involves building as many Barrow Wight Lairs as you can, and constructing Barrows around every corner. As your Barrows won't be able to defend themselves, always have at least one Wight in the tunnel network to summon them if enemies should wander near. With the use of pure intimidation, you should find it easy to overpower enemy troops, if not outnumber them; and with Karsh nearby to help out your spiritual man-slayers, you will reduce enemy forces to nothingness while your ghosts only become stronger and stronger.

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