"There is a house, it’s not far from here, where we might take refuge."

The Beorning Homestead is a Unit Production and Resource building of Lothlorien. It can be built on settlements. This building recruits Beornings and the hero Grimbeorn.

Level Up

This building levels up by training units.


Honey harvest Honey Harvest - The Beorning Homestead can produce resources, but the training of Beornings is significantly slower while activated. It produces 28 Resources every 12 seconds but units are produced -90% slower. (Deactivated by default, player must activate Honey Harvest)

Unit Production

Name Type Cost CP Cost Strong vs Shortcut
Beorning Elite single unit infantry 450 60 Units




Name Weapon(s) Role Cost Importance
Grimbeorn Axe/Claws/Trample Mass Slayer 2000 Son of Beorn the Skinchanger


Beorning Homestead

Gandalf and Beorn outside of Beorn's Homestead as shown in The Hobbit

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