"I am no captain. Neither office nor rank nor lordship have I, being but a plain man of arms of the Third Company of the Citadel."

Recruit Beregond, Son of Baranor, man of the Third Company of the Citadel, and Guard of Faramir after the events of the War of the Ring when he became Captain of the White Company. He can be recruited from the Barracks.


Beregond guardians ability Level 1: Guardians of the Third Company - Beregond calls a few of his brothers in arms to defend an allied building. He defines a specific target point which must be close to an allied building. Eight Guardians of the Citadel will gather at this point for a short period of time and fight back against enemies. When he achieves level 10, they are replaced by eight Guardians of the White Company that spawn with spears and bows.

Beregond vindicator ability Level 3: Vindicator of the White City - Buildings in a very large area suffer 50% less damage from enemy infantry and cavalry and 25% less damage from fire, monsters and siege engines. (Passive ability)

Beregond hold ground ability Level 5: Hold Ground - Fallen members of allied troops near to a selected building will be regenerated for 30 seconds.

Beregond savior ability Level 8: Savior - All nearby allied buildings become invulnerable for 30 seconds.

Beregond commander ability Level 10: Commander of the White Company - For his services, Beregond is appointed as commander of Faramir's guard. Nearby heroes are given +25% armor. His abilities can now be used on heroes and affect heroes. (Passive ability)


Beregond's emphasis as a building supporter makes him very important in your base or at other vulnerable structures on the map. Once he reaches level 10, he becomes a hero supporter as well, extending his utility far into the late-game. This means that he is not limited to being a defensive hero. He boosts your other heroes' stats, can summon units to protect another friendly hero, and can make nearby heroes invulnerable for 30 seconds. These post-level 10 abilities are especially useful when another one of your heroes has very low health, giving that hero time to escape or finish off nearby enemies. He is also a useful early game hero due to his cheap price and defensive abilities.


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  • His voice set comes from the Imperial voice actor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Wes Johnson.
  • Previously, his level 1 ability (once he reached level 10) used to summon a unique Heroic unit, Guardians of the White Company, but when his abilities were changed, the Guardians were made into defensive creeps.

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