"Presently Denethor waved to Pippin and dismissed him again for a while. 'Go to the armouries of the Citadel,' he said, 'and get you there the livery and gear of the Tower. It will be ready."
The Return of the King

The Blacksmith researches upgrades for troops of Gondor and Arnor in addition to providing resources and a discount on upgrades.

Level Up

Forged Tools Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 2. At rank 2, economy buildings produce 25% more resources and gain 500 additional hit points.
Worker Tools Forged Worker's Tools: Upgrades the building to rank 3. At rank 3, internal economy buildings produce 20% more resources and gain 1000 additional hit points.

The upgrades can be researched from the Market


Supply routes Supply Routes - As you build more economy structures, their individual production becomes less efficient. Once you reach a certain threshold all economy structures will produce less.

  • 5 economy structures or less: 100% production
  • 10 economy structures: 84% production
  • 15 economy structures: 69% production
  • 20 economy structures: 56% production
  • 30 economy structures: 44% production
  • 37 economy structures or more: 37% production

Note: In 4.5.3, the current ingame tooltip shows the outdated inflation rate of prior versions.

Resource Production - This building produces resources. It produces 28 Resources every 12 seconds by default. This number can be modified through upgrades and abilities.

Refined Iron - The Blacksmith provides a reduction to the cost of unit upgrade of up to -30%:

  • 2 Blacksmiths: -10%
  • 3 Blacksmiths: -15%
  • 4 Blacksmiths: -20%
  • 5 Blacksmiths: -25%
  • 6 or more Blacksmiths: -30%


The Blacksmith provides resources and researches the following upgrades for troops of Arnor and Gondor. The upgrades in the Blacksmith are unlocked once Iron Ore has been researched from the Market.

Arnor banner / Gondor banner Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units when out of combat. Cost: 200

- Research Cost: 600

Gondor forged blades Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion and provides a damage bonus against

  • Other infantry if they are swordsmen
  • Monsters and Cavalry if they are pikemen
  • Buildings if they are cavalry
    Cost: 300

- Research Cost: 900

Gondor heavy armor Heavy Armor - Increases the armor, hit points and damage resistance of the unit to ranged damage. Changes the unit's armor set to a different armorset. Cost: 300

- Research Cost: 900


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