Calger is one of the main Youtubers who focuses on the Edain Mod. Instead of showing games, he pits units and heroes against each other to work out which is best.

Very little is known about Calger, he is but a shadow whose name is whispered in the wind. His voice has never been heard and his face never seen. He is not yet ready to reveal himself to us.

Known Habits

  • When using heroes, Calger has the heroes fight without any abilities and then allows them to use other abilities and attributes (e.g. horses, mithril coats or nazgul armour) in following rounds.
  • When using units, Calger has the units fight on their own before adding upgrades and abilities in following rounds.

Edain Content

Calger pits unit against unit, and hero against hero to find out who is best. The battles are always without outside interruptions and are just a true test of their skills.

Known Affiliates

Miris - Miris is the name that appears when Calger hovers on the enemy hero/unit. Even less about him/her, for all we know it might a well be Calger on another computer or one of his affiliates. He/She consistently plays the enemy hero/unit of the hero/unit that Calger is controlling, when multiple heroes are pit against a single one in several rounds Miris will play the multiple heroes.

Most watched Edain Video

Sauron vs Elven heroes

Sauron vs Elven heroes

Sauron Vs Elven Heroes is Calger's most popular video. In it, he pits Sauron against the Lothlorien heroes one at a time.


  • Calger's voice has yet to be heard, meaning that the quote section will remain empty until he decides to do so. Until now his only communication has been through screen text.
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