Heroes have always been a pivotal point in the Battle For Middle Earth franchise. They are gifted with particular skills that allow them to withstand and give out much more damage than regular Units. They are skilled in many tactics from Mass Slaying to individual high damage dealer, but they can also provide support for your units and heroes. Not only that but the darkest magicians and strongest witches can manipulate the enemy troops, creating great interference in both the unit formations and buildings. They are however more expensive and can get singled out easily, so protecting them is key.

When a Hero unit is purchased for the first time, it arrives on the battlefield at level one. Most hero units gain experience points by killing enemy units and buildings, and slaying monsters. With each new level obtained, the maximum hp and damage of the hero unit is multiplied by approximately 1.057142857142857... As such, hero units with a large amount of health will increase their maximum health substantially each level, while those with higher attack will deal much more damage each level. The maximum level that each hero can reach is ten, and they cannot become any more powerful. As the hero levels up, it gains access to new powers and abilities that further define its role depending on its strengths and weaknesses.

Another aspect of hero units is that, while they can be killed like any normal unit, they can always be resurrected at the citadel for their original cost. Not only that, but when a hero is revived, it enters the battlefield at the same level it was before it was slain, allowing it to continue fighting to gain experience points. Reviving a hero multiple times can be rewarding, if one has the resources to invest in it so much.

There are a variety of niches that hero units can be classified under depending on their skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Mass Slayers, for instance, are built to deal as much damage to as many soldiers as possible, especially huge numbers of weak ones up-close. Tanks, on the other hand, are built with a lot of hitpoints and armor, and are meant to draw enemy fire to soak up as much damage as possible while every other unit is left untouched. Hero killers are designed to hunt down and destroy enemy heroes with an arsenal of powers that assassinate the opponent's more powerful targets such as mass slayers and tanks; but, they are countered by Hero supporters, whose powers and abilities augment and protect other hero units so that they last much longer on the battlefield and are more resistant to the efforts of hero killers. There are many, many other hero classes that can be learned, explored, and exploited for one's own needs.

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