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"As you know, that city was once a strong place, proud and fair, Minas Ithil, the twin sister of our own city. But it was taken by fell men whom the Enemy in his first strength had dominated, and who wandered homeless and masterless after his fall. ... After his going they took Minas Ithil and dwelt there, and they filled it, and all the valley about, with decay: it seemed empty and was not so, for a shapeless fear lived within the ruined walls."
Faramir, The Two Towers

Mordor's Armies marching out of the Tower of Sorcery in the Return of the King movie

Minas Morgul was once a beautiful city of Gondor known as Minas Ithil, built by Isildur after The Faithful fled from the Downfall of Numenor in the Second Age. It was captured by Sauron during his first attacks on Gondor, before being rebuilt after the War of the Last Alliance. Its purpose was to guard and watch the lands of Mordor that evil might not ever return. When the Witch-King came back to Mordor after his defeat in Angmar, he gathered the Nazgûl and other evil forces and captured the city. It became the residence of the Ringwraiths and decayed into a demonic fortress.

In the Edain Mod, Minas Morgul is an outpost building for Mordor. Here, Morgul units can be recruited, as well as the Witch-King himself.


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