"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them"
The inscription on the One Ring

Only Ring Heroes are able to claim the One Ring once Gollum has been found and scared off. If the Ring is not claimed by a Ring Hero after a certain amount of time (click the Ring to see how long it has left), Gollum will return to reclaim it, wandering cloaked throughout the map again.


Gandalf The Grey (Gondor/Arnor): If Gandalf the Grey acquires the One Ring it will be used for his own needs and become "corrupt". Allies in his presence will be weakened and damaged over time.

Gandalf the White (Gondor): Should Gandalf the White acquire the One Ring, it will be used for the well-being of all Men. Heroes and units near Gandalf will be healed.

Boromir (Gondor): Should Boromir take the Ring, he will use it to defend Gondor. He will be able to permanently summon strong units, but the One Ring will take his life eventually. When Boromir dies, the player's buildings will be locked and new ones will not be able to be constructed for 30 seconds.

Arvedui (Arnor): Arvedui accepts massive losses in battle to find the worthiest soldiers, and his new abilities support heroes while weakening normal troops.


Theoden the Corrupted: Theoden becomes Grima's puppet. He follows Grima as a mindless slave. Grima becomes controllable and can use the same abilities as Corrupted Theoden with much stronger effects.

Glorious Theoden: Theoden can choose between 4 abilities, each granting a special effect but weakening his armor and speed permanently.


Queen Of Storms (Galadriel): Should Galadriel acquire the One Ring and use it, she will become the Queen of Storms, gaining many new destructive abilities. Mallorn Trees will be able to research a useful defensive specialization. However, allies will be rebuffed while inside the fortress and while near to Galadriel.

Queen Galadriel: If Galadriel rejects the One Ring, she will become blessed by the Valar. She will gain improved versions of her regular abilities, along with a new ability and leadership. Frodo and Sam will also become recruitable from the Citadel. Frodo will have the Ring.


Thorin Oakenshield: The pride of Thorin grows immeasurably through the whisperings of the ring. He declares himself as seventh and last reincarnation of Durin . He puts on Mithril Mail, obtains improved values and splash damage. The ring feeds Thorin's desire to gather all treasure of the dwarves. Allied resource buildings produce 75% less; instead, Thorin and allied units loot huge amounts of resources from fallen foes.

King Dain: Due to the whisperings of the Ring, Dain's pride rises to unfathomable heights, and he declares himself the seventh and last reincarnation of Durin. He puts on mithril mail, gains improved stats and inflicts area damage. The Ring fuels Dain's combativeness and makes him lead the dwarves into a destructive campaign. Allied dwarven units in Dain's vicinity now inflict double damage and are fearless. In return, units that don't fight near to Dain inflict -50% damage.

Dain Ironfoot: Due to the whisperings of the Ring, Dain's pride rises to unfathomable heights, and he declares himself the seventh and last reincarnation of Durin. He puts on mithril mail, gains improved stats and inflicts area damage. The Ring fuels Dain's peculiar nature and makes him upgrade his defense into a bastion: allied buildings in a wide radius gain +50% armor and damage and +25% production speed. The Hall of Warriors now trains units instantly. If there is no dwarven building in the vicinity of Dain, he loses 50% armor, damage, and speed.


Elrond (The Fellowship): When Elrond takes the Ring, rather than use it for himself, he sends out the Fellowship of The Ring as a Hero Horde, able to utilize many abilities. The Ring is dropped only when every Fellowship Hero has fallen.


Saruman: Saruman will randomly become either 'Saruman the Blessed” or “Saruman the Cursed”. As Saruman the Blessed he will become lordly, alike to the power of the Valar, and gain powers of Lightning and Air magic, as well as infantry support skills. As Saruman the Cursed he will become twisted and dark, gaining powerful Fire magic and structural support skills.


The Necromancer: The Necromancer is Sauron himself in a Necromancer form. When he takes the One Ring back he will take his old form as the Dark Lord, but not all of his powers will be restored. He needs the ability Power of The Past Ages to restore all of his powers, cast a shadow over Middle-earth and start the Fourth Age as the Dark Lord, ruler of all.

Misty Mountains



The Witch-King: If the Witch-King receives the One Ring, he does not gain any new abilities; instead, he will cast an everlasting winter on everyone and everything. Buildings will freeze, causing 25% less production from resource buildings and slower unit training times from military buildings. On Angmar's own and allied buildings, the ice around them will make nearby enemies freeze.


  • Once in Ring Hero form the heroes can actually pick up the Ring, although that cannot be done normally and can only be done with custom maps

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