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"Soon Sam came to a long flight of broad shallow steps. Now the orc-tower was right above him, frowning black, and in it the red eye glowed."
The Two Towers

Once a tower of Gondor to keep watch on Mordor, Cirith Ungol fell under the dominion of Sauron as Gondor's power waned.

The Cirith Ungol Barracks is where orcs and uruks under the control of Gorbag and Shagrat are produced. They take a break from fighting each other to take on the enemies of Mordor.

Level Up

Unlike many buildings of other factions, the Cirith Ungol Barracks does not have level up upgrades. Instead, it levels up as it produces orc. With each level, it gains some additional health points and at level 3 it also gains a defensive tower that shoots at nearby enemies. It takes two hordes of any type to reach level 2 and three battalions to reach level 3.


Influence of sauron.png Influence of Sauron - Sauron fills a building of Mordor (excluding Tol-In-Gaurhoth and the citadel) with his will, unlocking specific effects like new units or upgrades. Enables recruitment of Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol

Unit Production

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol Elite Pikemen 600 0 Infantry, Cavalry Y
Black Uruk-Hai Elite Swordsmen 500 0 Swordsmen Pikemen, Archers X
Black Uruk Archers Elite Archers 600 0 Swordsmen, Pikemen C

Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol require the Influence of Sauron upgrade.


This is the most expensive settlement structure in the game, but it has a superb function in that it produces the elite units of Mordor, whereas most other factions would need to recruit their elite units from outposts instead of settlements. It also serves a grand purpose for strengthening Sauron and Mordor after you start producing these units from it. The warriors that come from this barracks are expensive but make for powerful additions to your army.