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"Drauglin was created by dark magic in the catacombs deep under the city of Carn Dûm. The sorcerers of Angmar enslaved and tortured a beorning, transforming him into a servant bound to their call. While many vassals of the Witch-king follow him out of ambition, fear or a desire for revenge, Drauglin is a slave without a will of his own. While not as powerful as a werewolf, the Witch-king soon recognized the advantages of the skinchanger: He was not simply a dangerous and bloodthirsty beast, but also capable of controlling the wolves of Angmar. Their instincts led them to see in Drauglin an alpha wolf, but his human intelligence makes him an even more cunning hunter."
Drauglin's Backstory (Edain Team Creation)

Drauglin is the Beastmaster of Angmar, a tortured Beorning that can skinchange into a Wolf. Due to the torture, he was bent to the Sorcerers of Angmar's will and is a slave without a will of his own. Commanding the Dire Wolves of Angmar due to his intelligence, he is a fearsome hunter that preys on the Iron Crown's enemies and raids the lands outside Angmar's borders.


Skinchanger.png Level 1: Skinchanger - The beastmaster is a skinchanger who can morph for 60 seconds into a wolf, becoming +20% faster and more agile, but having -10% less armor. He regenerates hitpoints with every attack. He uncovers camouflaged nearby units. Every time Drauglin transforms into a wolf he gains experience and the player gains power points. Left click on the icon to activate.

Beastmaster.png Level 1: The Beastmaster - Drauglin tames the most ferocious beasts of Angmar with ease. Summons 2 wolves which will follow and protect Drauglin from any foes. Left click on the icon to activate.

Master of the hunt.png Level 3: Master of the Hunt - The Beastmaster can feel the weaknesses of his enemies and can track their trail. For 30 seconds a chosen enemy unit or building is revealed and gives the Beastmaster and his wolves +50% damage. Left click on the icon then left click on the target enemy.

Blade step.png Level 5: Blade Step - Drauglin leaps at an enemy and stabs him with his blades. This attack deals double his normal melee damage. If he hits an enemy in the back it deals an additional +100% damage. Heroes are stunned for 2 seconds. Cannot be used in beast form. Left click on the icon then left click on the target enemy.

Razor crescent.png/Call the pack.png Level 10: Razor Crescent/Call the Pack - In Human form, Drauglin throws some razor sharp crescents blades out in a circle surrounding him, dealing damage to surrounding units as the blades fly away from and then back to Drauglin. In Beast form, Drauglin summons a pack of wolves to clear a path for him. They will charge out from Drauglin in a circle, trampling and damaging enemy units in their path. Left click on the icon to activate.

Werewolf Form

After Drauglin receives the favor of the Witch-king and temporarily becomes a Werewolf, he retains all of his abilities except the following:

Morph back.png Morph Back - Replaces Skinchanger. The Beast Master morphs back to his human form. This ability must be used before his timer runs out or Drauglin will die. Left click on the icon to activate.

Meat ripping.png Level 2: Meat Ripping - Replaces Blade Step. Drauglin carries out a devastating attack on an enemy dealing major damage and healing 25% of his life. Left click on the icon then left click on the target enemy.


Drauglin can receive one upgrade:

Might of witch king upgrade.png Might of the Witch-King - The might of the Witch-King will be bestowed to a hero gifting them with additional power for 120 seconds. For a limited time, Drauglin is transformed into a wolf beast with more damage and health. However, he must transform back into a human before the timer expires or he will die.


Drauglin is the weakest but cheapest hero of Angmar, and he can lead the "wolf" division of Angmar's armies. Like dire wolves and werewolves, Drauglin is meant to be a warrior that runs fast and hits hard; however, he lacks the individual strength of the werewolves. Like the dire wolves, he is more ideal for super-aggressive raiding parties in the early game.

Since Drauglin can summon wolves to protect him, one might think he's well-protected, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you have Drauglin, you need to have a wolf kennel, and you need to train a lot of dire wolves to accompany him so that he doesn't get taken out by another hero unit or overwhelmed by a measly defensive militia. With a mix of speed and power at his side, he's ideal for harassing the opponent when accompanied by his fellow wolves. His ability to transform makes him one of the hero units that levels up the quickest, which can give him a formidable presence on the early battlefield.

In the late-game, Drauglin's ability to survive in battle pales in comparison to other heroes such as Zaphragor or the Witch-king. His speed, however, is still the greatest of the hero units, which means he becomes more useful for harassing the enemy as opposed to initiating devastating raids.


  • Drauglin's quotes come from Malliken, a playable hero in Heroes of Newerth (2010)