"Behold the King Elessar is come! The Forest of Drúadan he gives to Ghân-buri-ghân and to his folk, to be their own for ever; and hereafter let no man enter it without their leave!"
The Return of the King

The Druadan Forest is a forest in Anorien, in Northern Gondor. The Rohirrim had to cross this forest to get to Minas Tirith.


Camp Plot
Camp Plot - Camp plots are smaller versions of Castles, smaller walls that cannot be manned and fewer defensive plots. In addition, there are fewer plots, requiring that some risks be taken with external economy plots. Camp plots cost 2000 to build.
Outpost Plot
Outpost Plot - Outposts only contain three building plots (unless you build the faction-specific outpost or the dwarven outpost which has 3 defensive plots) They are forward bases meant to support your war effort, acting as either an anchor in enemy territory or as economic support.
Settlement Plot
Settlement Plot - Settlements are small, cheap plots that provide either unit recruitment buildings or economy buildings. They're aren't the most powerful but can prove key in holding economic victory.

View of the Map

Druadan Forest-0

 Lair Locations

  • Goblin Lairs: Yellow
  • Warg Lairs: Purple


  • Gollum: ⋆ Blue 

Lair Types

Goblin Lair


Goblin lairs are the most common creeps. Their goblins deal a very small amount of damage, are high in number and respawn quite quickly. Usually the best strategy is to rush for the lair, cut the flow at the source and then take care of any leaks. Cavalry can also be used to clean up the exteriors but can be tricky due to goblin spears being a part of the creeps.

Warg Lair

Warg Lair

Warg lairs are probably some of the most dangerous lairs in Edain. The wargs are extremely resistant to everything and deal enormous amount of both trample damage and bite damage. They can mow down any unit weaker than Gondor Soldiers. The wargs are more easily dealt with using Pikemen or Heroes. After that, dealing with the warg lair is easy.

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