"You hear the Woses, the Wild Men of the Woods: thus they talk together from afar. They still haunt Drúadan Forest, it is said. Remnants of an older time they be, living few and secretly, wild and wary as the beasts. They go not to war with Gondor or the Mark; but now they are troubled by the darkness and the coming of the orcs: they fear lest the Dark Years be returning, as seems likely enough. Let us be thankful they are not hunting us: for they use poisoned arrows it is said, and they are woodcrafty beyond compare."

Druedain Archers are no longer controllable, they are still summoned but you can't pick who to attack.

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The Druedain were a race of men who lived in the Drúadan Forest in the Third Age. They were afraid that the Dark Years were coming. Therefore, they led Theoden's army around the orcs on the road, allowing them to reach Minas Tirith. In return, King Elessar promised the forest to the Druedain forever, promising that no man would enter the forest without their leave.

In the Edain Mod, the Druedain can be summoned by Rohan with their leader. They attack with poisoned arrows.


Forest dwellers.png Forest Dwellers: The Druedain shoot poisonous arrows are are cloaked near trees. (Passive ability)


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