"He slept alone, until in the deeps of time and the awakening of that people he came to Azanulbizar, and in the caves above Kheled-Zâram ... he made his dwelling... There he lived so long that he was known far and wide as Durin the Deathless. Yet in the end he died before the Elder Days had passed, and his tomb was in Khazad-dûm; but his line never failed, and five times an heir was born in his House so like to his Forefather that he received the name of Durin. Durin VII will be the last."
LotR, RotK, Appendix A, III, Durin's Folk

Durin VII was the last reincarnation of Durin. He is summoned when King Dain picks up the One Ring.


Durin can go on an expedition once he reaches level 5 which will grant him new abilities. His original ability will be listed first, followed by a bullet point outlining his new and improved ability from when he returns from Khazad-dûm.

Durin the deathless Durin the Deathless, Forefather of the Dwarves - Durin escapes death for a long time even if his health points are spent. As the greatest of the legendary seven Forefathers of the Dwarves Durin is known to all Dwarves and he is a source of inspiration. Dwarven heroes nearby gain +50% armor. Durin is aware of the temptation of the Ring. Instead of falling for it, he learns to control it on his own. On this path, no ally can support him and he won't gain any shared experience from nearby allies. (Passive ability)

  • Durin the deathless Durin the Deathless, Forefather of the Dwarves - After his expedition, Durin can now also profit from the support and experience of nearby allies. (Passive ability)

Master of stone Level 3: Master of Stone - Durin knows every rock in Middle-Earth and also all manners of shaping stone. In a medium radius allied structures are temporary strengthened and enemy structures are temporarily weakened. After his expedition, this ability becomes:

  • Buildmanship of khazad-dum Buildmanship of Khazad-dûm - Durin has relearned the lost buildmanship of Khazad-Dûm. In a large radius allied structures are temporarily greatly strengthened and enemy structures are temporarily greatly weakened. Left click on target area

Word of the forefathers Level 5 : Word of the Forefathers - Durin speaks a Word of his Forefathers. Enemy units within a wide area become afraid, while allies are slowly healed and rank up a level. After his expedition, this ability becomes:

  • Word of silence Word of Silence - Durin speaks a Word of Silence. Enemy units within a wide area become afraid, while allies are healed and gain improved stats. Enemy buildings within a wide area cannot be used for 30 seconds. Left-click to activate

Fires of durin Level 10 : Fires of Durin's Forge - Durin the Immortal sentences enemies to burn in the fire of Aule's forge. After his expedition, this ability becomes:

  • Aule's forge Fires of Aule's Forge - Durin the Immortal calls his creator Mahal, the Valar Aule, to his aid. Aule makes the ground of Middle-earth burst into flames by the fire of his forge. Left click to activate
Durin's Day

Durin returning with his new Veterans

Expedition to Khazad-Dum

Expedition Durin VII is going to lead the dwarves back to the halls of their forefathers in Khazad-Dûm, but such an expedition requires preparations.

Phase I - Durin VII learns how to handle the One Ring in combat. He has to reach level 5 before he is ready to start his journey.

Phase II - Durin VII holds council with Dain and has to be close to him for one minute. As long as Dain and Durin are close enough to hold council, blue sparks will appear every second above Durin.

Phase III - Durin VII selects any battalion of dwarves to become scouts for the expedition. They disappear from the battlefield and Durin joins them after 30 seconds himself.

Phase IV - On Durin's Day, they return from their expedition. On his return, Durin VII gains improved abilities and his scouts have become veterans of Khazad-Dûm.

  • Durin's Mithril Mine
  • Mithril Mine Add-on
  • Durin's Heroic Statue
  • Durin's Barracks

Rebuilding khazad-dum After the expedition, Durin gains access to 3 buildings, which he can construct for a cost. (Passive ability)

Name/Shortcut Cost Description
Mithril Mine 800 Since Durin's return from Khazad-dûm, the dwarves have regained their access to Mithril. Constructs a special workshop which is able to create armor from Mithril for Dwarven heroes (if there are no Veterans in the forge) and generates resources. Can build other mining facilities that generate resources, but can only be placed onto mountains.
Statue of Durin 150 To praise his ancestors, Durin constructs a statue. Grants leadership to nearby allies
Durin's Barracks 300 Durin constructs a barracks which contains the units of all dwarven realms as well as each realms' unique upgrade for Guardians

Note: The player should look for these building icons in the top right side of the screen when Durin is selected.


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