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"Wicked men. Servants of Sauron. They are called to Mordor."

Easterlings are permanent reinforcements that come from the distant lands of Rhun to serve Mordor. They can be summoned on the edge of the map by unlocking and using the spellbook power "Reinforcements of Rhun" (3pp). They will then enter the map alongside Rhun Halberdier Warriors. They are pikemen of Mordor, effective more through their numbers than their stats since Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol are statistically more powerful (but are capped to a maximum of 3 battalions). They are powerful enough to resist many units and can even withstand the fury of certain weaker Mass Slayer Heroes.

Easterlings enter Mordor in The Two Towers movie


Formation C.png Porcupine Formation - the Easterlings form a circle with pikes extended outward to stop any cavalry, dealing heavy damage.

Flank Defence - Pikemen are used to defending from all sides when battling against monsters and cavalry. As a result, they cannot be flanked. They take no extra damage from being flanked and deal full revenge damage regardless of the direction they get trampled from.


The Easterlings have access to the following upgrades:
Mordor banner.png Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units when out of combat. Cost: 200

Rhun Heavy Armor.png Heavy Armor - Increases the armor, hit points and damage resistance of the unit to ranged damage. Changes the unit's armor set to EdainPikemanHeavyArmor. Cost: 300

SLASH 135%
SIEGE 135%
FLAME 100%
FROST 100%
MAGIC 100%
HERO 150%
CHOP 100%
URUK 200%
FlankedPenalty 25%

Forged blades isengard.png Forged Blades - Increases the damage of this battalion and provides a damage bonus against monsters and cavalry. Cost: 300

The Easterlings will come with all these upgrades when "Influence of Sauron" has been cast to Defense Banner.


The Easterlings are deadly pikemen and elite forces. This renders them particularly resistant to any troop and extremely effective against cavalry. In addition, unlike many other Mordor pikemen, the Easterlings can get into the Porcupine formation, which makes them immobile but incredibly deadly against cavalry. Overall Easterlings are elite troops that must be kept alive at all cost, and it is key to have them equipped with heavy armor as soon as possible since this will make them stronger. They can take on any basic infantry but will fail if they are at a disadvantage against elite infantry. They are free, strong, but limited by the timer. This timer can, however, be reduced if enough Tribute Camps are built. Like all other units they are affected by most leaderships and powers including Sauron's "Might of the Damned".