This page will serve as a compilation for guides and tutorials for anyone wishing to start making maps for the Edain Mod.The process of making maps can be quite difficult and requires a lot of patience, however it can be very rewarding once you understand how everything works.

Edain World Map Builder Quick Guide LotR BFME

Edain World Map Builder Quick Guide LotR BFME

Video guide going over the basics

General Map-Making

The following guides will give an understanding of how the mapping works:

The Extended Guide to Mapping - This guide was compiled by _Haldir_ (a big BFME mapper), and contains a lot of his own knowledge as well as information from EA tutorials and m@tt (another big BFME mapper). While it is primarily for BFME 1, a lot of it will apply to BFME 2 as well.

Beginner's Guide to Mapping - A series of 3 WB tutorials by EA that covers basic tools and functions.

Multiplayer Map Process - tutorials for setting up maps for skirmish and multiplayer by EA. This includes plots, waypoints and tactical markers.

Map Beautification Tips - a list of tips and advice for making BFME 2 maps by EA.

Guide to Water and Atmosphere for BFME 2 - by Rohara from Gamereplays

Edain Specific Guides

Create your own maps - this guide from hoho96 will enable you to make Edain specific maps that use Edain's castles and camps, as well as ensuring that there are waypoint paths for units like the Mordor Evil Men.

Build up your fortress - another guide by hoho96 that will explain how to create fortress maps in Edain.

Scripting Guides

The Extended Guide to Mapping linked above has some information about scripting however the following guides have more detail as well as information about how scripting is used in a BFME 2 campaign level

Basic Scripting (EA)

Singleplayer Scripting (EA)


How to add Gollum/Ring Heroes to your maps - Gollum isn't automatically enabled when you make a map, so a combination of scripts and spawn waypoints would be required.

Final Big Editor File - this would be required if you wish to open and edit any official maps made by the Edain Team or by EA in general. It is also required for modding.

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