Edain Mod Wiki
"News are as wizards, they are never late nor early, they arrive precisely in the moment when the Edain Team means to. And I'm sure that the Edain Team has an exact plan, so it is useless to urge them. Because, it is done when it is done."

Presenting all the wonderful people who, through their time and effort, have brought us this magnificent mod.

The Team[]

The Edain Team are the creators of the Edain mod, they are the ones actively working on the mod, crafting concepts, coding, texturing and modeling:

Elendils Cousin 3.Grades - Mod Leader, Balance, Contact Person, Codes / Scripting, Game Design (Profile)

FG15 - Campaign / Maps, Codes / Scripting, Translator, Skins / 2D Graphics, FX, Videos (Profile)

Reshef - AI, Campaign / Maps (Profile)

Radagast der Musikalische - Models / Animations, Skins / 2D Graphics (Profile)

Photti - War of the Ring (Profile)

Glorfindel23 - Models/Textures (Profile)

Simbyte - Website Administration, Contact person, Translators (Profile)

Turin Turumbar - Installer / Launcher (Profile)

Birds - Maps, War of the Ring (Profile)

The_Necromancer0 - War of the Ring, Coding (Profile)

Lord_Ellessar - Modelling (Profile)


Nightmaster - Translator (Profile)

Martin - Translator (Profile)

Gwanw - APT (Profile)

Edain Supporter[]

Edain supporters are members of the community who have made important contributions to the mod and community:

  • Walküre
  • Caun
  • Gwanw
  • MaxPower
  • Forhir
  • magickoala

Beta Testers[]

Betatesters are handpicked members of the community who help test the mod. They give feedback on concepts, discuss the balance of the mod and report bugs in the betas: Sturmhart, SamonZwerg, Fíli, BlackHand0710, Der Leviathan, Chu'unthor, Kael_Silvers, Julio229, SP19XX, Fubuky, Smeargollum, Seleukos I, HestiasNemesis, Halbarad, Melkor, Klumar, Edelharn, fuerst der neun, Tom, Elessar12, Fredius, 40Fixxer, JediKnight

Former Members[]

Here are recorded the names and function of all those that have in the past been part of the Team but have departed for personal reasons or simply for other projects:


The Team in 2015

Gnomi - Mod Leader, Campaign / Maps, Contact Person

Joragon - Models / Animations, Skins / 2D Graphics

Ealendril der Dunkle - Founder, Mod Leader, Balance, Codes / Scripting, Contact persons, Game Design, Models / Animations, Skins / 2D Graphics, FX

Lord of Mordor - Mod Leader, AI, Balance, Codes / Scripting, Contact person, Translators, Game Design

Thorongil03 - Models / Animations

Prinz von Dol Amroth - Balance, APT

Adamin - Skins / 2D Graphics

Trapper - Campaign / Maps

ernesto-m - Campaign / Maps

Vexor - Unknown Position

The Dark Ruler - Unknown Position

Lars - Unknown Position

Sturmkrähe - Unknown Position

Anatarius - Unknown Position

Perseus - Unknown Position

Joe-Galad - Unknown Position

Rabi - Unknown Position

Harvest - Unknown Position

Alien aka Infiltrator - Unknown Position

WOA aka Witchking of Angmar - Unknown Position

Finrod - Unknown Position

Doggy aka Ghostface - Unknown Position

Funnydevil - Unknown Position

Aragorn999 - Unknown Position

More info concerning all those that have contributed to making Edain what it is today can be found in the Edain ReadMe.txt, which comes with every Edain installation.