"News are as wizards, they are never late nor early, they arrive precisely in the moment when the Edain Team means to. And I'm sure that the Edain Team has an exact plan, so it is useless to urge them. Because, it is done when it is done."

Presenting all the wonderful people who, through their time and effort, have brought us this magnificent mod.


The Team

AI: Reshef, Lord of Mordor (team leader), Ealendril der Dunkle

Beta Tester: Chu'unthor, Prinz_Kael, Elendils Cousin 3.Grades, Hüter, Amdir, Fili, Fine, orkanelf, Photti, hoho96, DieWalküre, EliteKryptik , Fredius, RuudDevil, Darkness, Goodfella, Necro, Julio229, Spartacus, Samsara no Mei

Balance: Lord of Mordor, Ealendril der Dunkle Elendils Cousin 3.Grades

Balance Tester: Prinz von Dol Amroth, Mandos,  Lordrush der Beherzte, Rohirrim, ¡KT!, Skeeverboy

Campaign / Maps: FG15 (Second in command), Gnomi, Reshef, Trapper

Codes / Scripting: Ealendril der Dunkle, FG15, Lord of Mordor

Contact persons: Ealendril der Dunkle, Lord of Mordor, Simbyte, Gnomi

FX: Ealendril der Dunkle

Game Design: Lord of Mordor, Ealendril der Dunkle

Installer / Launcher: Turin Turumbar

Models / Animations: Ealendril der Dunkle, Thorongil03, Radagast der Musikalische, Joragon

Skins / 2D Graphics: Adamin (inactive), Ealendril der Dunkle

Translators: English: FG15, Nightmaster, Lord of Mordor, Simbyte, Martin, Trapper

Video Team: Prinz von Dol Amroth

Website Administration ( Simbyte


Useful Resources to Contact The Edain Team

"The Beacons are Lit! The Beacon of Amon Din is lit!"
Official Edain Team YouTube Channel


Very Special Thanks for the Support of:

EA Community Team

Moddb ( )

Cirdan and ( )

Ravencrest and ( )


SuM-Fanpage ( )

German Gaming Magazines PCGames und PCAction

HdR Inside ( )

The entire Modding-Union Community

Special Thanks to our Former Members and Supporters:

ernesto-m, Vexor, The Dark Ruler, Lars, Sturmkrähe, Anatarius, Perseus, Joe-Galad, Rabi, Harvest, Alien aka Infiltrator, WOA aka Witchking of Angmar, Finrod, Doggy aka Ghostface, Funnydevil, Aragorn999

Many Thanks for the Support and Contributions of the following Mods and Modders:


DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand: (Herunor, Hatacatan), Elven Alliance: (Celeglin), Elvenstar Mod1: (Manuel2811, Firmus) Death Animation of the Dwarven Rams: (NDC), Four Ages: (Morgoth615), HDRHQ: (Buccane), Graphics: ((Palland)raschi), Legends: (Christian Beltramo), Launcher Music: (Forhir), Launcher UI: (magickoala), RJ_RotWk: (Robert Johnson) SEE - Special Extend Edition: (Sûlherokk, Nazgul aka Chriz) SweetFX: (CeeJay) T3A GiveAway Mirkwood-Soldier: (NewErr)


Unnamed Mods: (DiegoDelaVega, Eldarion, Kadafi, Nertea, Nightmare, NukeDN, The Dead Player, Wars of Arda, WK)

Thanks to Members of the Edain-Community:

English Translation          

Nightmaster, Libom, Fin12345, EvilBuggie, Fingolfin , Radagast the Brown, Minewald, Alter Tobi, Wulfgar, Amdir, Numenorean, Rogash, Elendils Cousin 3.Grades, Thartom, HerrscherSeuchenmarines, Lord Sauron der 5000., GeisterbeschwörerRadagas t, Der dunkle König, MCCL, Palleon, Lord Eddard Stark, Leander


Fornost Edain: Tar-Dingens


Lord-Alex, Wulfgar, MCM aka k10071995, PumaYIY, Tar-Palantir, Halbarad, Kili, Lord of Arnor, Melkor Bauglir, Rumil89, RadagasttheFool, SnobGoblin, LordDainIronfoot, Gimilzar, CragLord          

Sounds and English Translation                    

Hüter, Tar-Palantir, Shagrat

Sounds and Graphics


Trailer and Teaser

Caun, Gepetto

Thanks for the work of the Edain Forum Moderators:

CMG Prinz_Kael

And Thanks to Norgur

Norgur  (????)                                        

And All Those Who Helped With Edain Mod