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Mirkwood Elkriders (Sindarin: Nerthyr Aras Taur-nu-Fuin) are the only cavalry unit for the Lothlórien faction and fire arrows from the backs of their mighty elks. They can be recruited from the Mirkwood Outpost once a Troopchamber has been built on one of the build plots. They act as an anti-cavalry unit.


Elk riders passive.png Shoot from the Saddle - The Elkriders are masterful marksmen and are unparalleled at defeating enemy cavalry. They deal +50% damage against cavalry, and their shots knock riders down. With Silverthorn Arrows, their shots will throw cavalry back. (Passive ability)


The Elkriders have access to the following upgrades:
Lorien banner carrier.png Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units when out of combat. Cost: 200
Silverthorn arrows upgrade1.png Silverthorn Arrows - This upgrade adds a bonus MAGIC damage to the battalion, causing it to deal greatly increased damage to everything and even more to buildings. Cost: 700
Lorien longbows upgrade.png Longbows - After being purchased the Longbow upgrade increases the range and vision field of the equipped battalion by 20%. Cost: 200


As a cavalry unit Elkriders are used to trample enemies, but as archers specialized in cavalry slaying, they should also be used to seek out enemy riders and cut them down with their arrows. You should beware enemy pikemen, because like all cavalry units, they are weak against pike units. They can be used for example like this: first trample enemies from behind and move towards your army and stop them. Then they will shoot enemies from afar. To improve their usefulness you should upgrade them with Longbows and Silverthorn arrows.