Unfortunately, the support and the production of the game Battle for Middle Earth 2 and its Addons have stopped. This also includes online features, such as the games server. For this reason, and problems with the Hamachi service an alternative was sought in order to offer an online gaming  experience. Online games and tournaments are now running over Tunngle but some games are hosted on GameRanger. GameRanger allows the user to join games that will put them in separate lobby which will create a separate network once the game starts.

Installation of GameRanger

  1. Dowload GameRanger (link)
  2. Run the GameRanger Setup application.
  3. Open the file GameRangerSetup.exe and click Install. If a message appears asking if you are sure you want to run this file, click Run.
  4. Create a new free account.
  5. GameRanger will prompt you to create a new GameRanger account or use an existing one, and you will need to enter your valid e-mail address. You should use the address your friends are most likely to know.
  6. Activate your account and log in.
  7. Within minutes you should receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your GameRanger account. If it's not in your inbox, try looking in your junk folder, and mark it as a trusted-sender, or "not spam." Adding the sender to your address book is also a good idea.
  8. Invite your friends.
  9. Under the Community menu, there are various options to invite your friends to try GameRanger. You can also search to see if they already have GameRanger accounts.
  10. In the all game list pick "Lord of the Ring: Battle for Middle Earth: Rise of the Witch-King"
  11. Host or Join a game.
  12. To join an existing game, select a game room from the list and click Join Game. If the game room has a green dot next to it, then it is already playing. Some games do not allow you to join if they have already started. Alternatively, you can create a new game by clicking Host Game.
  13. Once the room is full or all the players wish to start the host will press start launching the game for all the players

Behavior on GameRanger

The best way for everybody to have a fun time is to promote a fun environment that will help everybody to just get along better.