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"'I am Gildor,' answered their leader, the Elf who had first hailed him. 'Gildor Inglorion of the House of Finrod. We are Exiles, and most of our kindred have long ago departed and we too are now only tarrying here a while, ere we return over the Great Sea. But some of our kinsfolk dwell still in peace in Rivendell.'"
Gildor, The Fellowship of the Ring, "Three is Company"

Gildor is the leader of a company of elves that were heading to the Grey Havens from Rivendell when they came upon Frodo, Sam, and Pippin, who had been fleeing from a Black Rider. Gildor is the scout hero of Imladris.


[[File:|35px]] Level 1: Experienced Scout - Gildor is an extremely skilled scout who can spy easily on his enemies. At level 10, he gains improved versions of all his abilities. Passive Ability.

[[File:|35px]] Level 1: Scouting Ahead (X) - Gildor's sight extends far. The target area of the map will be revealed for 30 seconds. At level 10 becomes Scout Reports, the area is revealed for 90 seconds. Left click on the icon then left click on the target area.

[[File:|35px]] Level 1: Elven Cloak (C) - Gildor disguises himself for 30 seconds and can't attack or be attacked. Left click on the icon to activate.

[[File:|35px]] Gildor's Song (V) - Gildor chants a wonderful song for 30 seconds, fascinating enemies and encouraging allies. Nearby enemies are 30% slower, while nearby allies are 30% faster. Gildor is inactive for the duration and cannot attack or move. At level 10 becomes Gildor's Hymn, slowing enemies and speeding allies by 50%.

[[File:|35px]] Coup de Grâce (B) - Gildor fires a single shot that deals heavy damage to the target unit or hero. At level 10 becomes Sniper's Precision, which deals heavy damage to an enemy hero and sends them flying. In addition, a random effect will be applied to the targeted enemy hero for 10 seconds:

  • Gold effect: -20% armor
  • Green effect: -20% damage
  • Blue effect: ability recharge speed slowed by 50%
  • White effect: hero loses all line of sight, becoming blind
    Left click on the icon then left click on the target unit or hero.


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