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The Gulf of Lune, named after the river Lhûn or "Lune", was created during the War of Wrath when Beleriand was broken. Possibly through the location of the Bay of Balar, Belegaer broke through the mountains, creating the Gulf of Lune.


Castle Plot.png
Castle Plot - Castles are the greatest fortifications of each faction. For the Good factions they are often impregnable fortresses, surrounded by high walls with defensive plots. With a high number of plots, it can host many buildings, guaranteeing a strong economy when filled out. For Evil Factions, they are entrenched forward bases, meant as a foothold into the lands of the Free People from which to spread terror, so no strong walls for them, but they have instead many defensive plots that keep watch on the land. Castle plots cost 5000 to build.
Outpost Plot.png
Outpost Plot - Outposts only contain three building plots (unless you build the faction-specific outpost or the dwarven outpost which has 3 defensive plots) They are forward bases meant to support your war effort, acting as either an anchor in enemy territory or as economic support.
Settlement Plot.png
Settlement Plot - Settlements are small, cheap plots that provide either unit recruitment buildings or economy buildings. They're aren't the most powerful but can prove key in holding economic victory.

View of the Map

Golf de Lune Lairs.png

Lair Locations

  • Warg Lairs: Purple
  • Cave Troll: Red

Gollum Possible Spawn Points

  • Gollum: ⋆ Blue

Lair Types

Warg Lair

Warg Lair.jpg

Warg lairs are probably some of the most dangerous lairs in Edain. The wargs are extremely resistant to everything and deal enormous amount of both trample damage and bite damage. They can mow down any unit weaker than Gondor Soldiers. The wargs are more easily dealt with using Pikemen or Heroes. After that, dealing with the warg lair is easy.

Troll Lair

Cave Troll Lair.jpg

Trolls, despite their appearance, are the most efficient creeps, being both easy to creep and very rewarding. The Trolls will always aim for your heroes, often wading through entire battalions to get to them and suffering trample revenge damage. This means that you can easily lure the troll through one or more battalions on aggressive stance to have it suffer heavy damage before turning around with your hero to attack when it turns around. This almost always guarantees an easy kill if well executed. Of course, pikes will make it much easier using this strategy, but even Orc Warriors can kill a troll using this tip. After that destroying its lair is easy and yields a high reward.