"I wonder how they would like it in Lugbúrz. They might think that Uglúk's shoulders needed relieving of a swollen head. They might ask where his strange ideas came from. Did they come from Saruman, perhaps? Who does he think he is, setting up on his own with his filthy white badges? They might agree with me, with Grishnákh their trusted messenger; and I Grishnákh say this: Saruman is a fool, and a dirty treacherous fool. But the Great Eye is on him."

Grishnákh was an Orc captain from Barad-dûr in the service of Sauron in the Third Age. He led a host of Mordor Orcs to join Saruman's Uruk-hai who were taking Merry and Pippin across the plain of Rohan to Isengard.

Grishnákh can only be summoned along with his Orcs through Isengard's spellbook power Grishnákh's Boys (3pp).


Prepare an Ambush: Grishnakh becomes cloaked for 10 seconds, allowing him to ambush his foes.

Scouting: Two of Grishnakh's orcs stay behind to monitor the area. The orcs then become neutral, leaving the direct control of the player. They also don't possess any attack or armor. You may only leave behind up to 10 orcs as scouts at the same time.

Inciting: Grishnakh motivates allied units and heroes in his vicinity for a future mission, temporarily granting them double experience but at the cost of -15% armor.


No Upgrades
This hero has no upgrades. This means that this hero can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the policy.