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"'Hail, comers from afar!' they said, and they turned the hilts of their swords towards the travellers in token of peace. Green gems flashed in the sunlight. Then one of the guards stepped forward and spoke in the Common Speech.
'I am the Doorward of Théoden,' he said. 'Háma is my name. Here I must bid you lay aside your weapons before you enter.'"
The Two Towers, "The King of the Golden Hall"

Recruit the captain of the King's guard, Háma.


Faramir knight ranger ability.pngLevel 1: Mount/Dismount - Hama mounts or dismounts his horse. Requires a Rohan Stable.

Hama indefatigable ability.pngLevel 1: Indefatigable - Hama is an unbending source of courage and honor. As long as Hama is in combat, nearby allies regenerate health points slowly.

Hama untamed ability.pngLevel 3: Untamed Will - Becomes Untamed Determination at level 5. Hama's untamed will cannot be broken. He fights for the virtue of Rohan. For 10 seconds he takes almost no damage from enemy attacks.

  • Level 5: Untamed Determination - Becomes Untamed Might at level 10. Hama's untamed determination cannot be swayed. For 20 seconds he takes almost no damage from enemy attacks.
  • Level 10: Untamed Might - Hama's untamed might cannot be overcome. For 30 seconds he takes almost no damage from enemy attacks.

Hama side by side ability.pngLevel 7: Side by Side - Hama fights side by side with a target allied hero, giving them +25% armor and +50% damage. Hama will gain an extra bonus depending on what hero is targeted.

  • Theoden: Hama cannot be knocked back or slowed when trampling.
  • Théodred: Hama gains +100% experience in combat.
  • Eomer: Hama gains +60% damage.
  • Eowyn: Hama gains +40% damage against heroes.
  • Gamling: Hama gains +25% vision range and movement speed.

Hama golden hall guards ability.pngLevel 10: Guards of the Golden Hall - Hama calls a group of Royal Archers to the battlefield for a short time. The Royal Archers are summoned with bows by default but have the ability to toggle weapons and draw swords.


Hama, besides his role as a tank, also has unit and hero support aspects. This makes his abilities some of the most versatile in the game. He is perfect for any strategy: Hama can ride to battle with your units, healing nearby allies as he fights; he can also ride to battle with your heroes, granting them a stat boost as well as granting himself a unique effect; finally, he can fight by himself, his Untamed Will ability and its subsequent improvements as he levels up allowing him to deal out damage without receiving hardly any in return. He can then cover his escape with Royal Archers once he is at level 10.


"We make for the refuge of Helms Deep"

"I can not allow you before Theoden King, so armed."