This page is intended to list the most useful "Help" pages. Please help to create any that are needed or use the talk page to suggest what else we need or to ask whether we have something not listed here.

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Adding Content


Editing the Wiki

The biggest element of the Wiki is that everybody contributes and brings it up together. However a first edit can be scary, knowing that whatever you put out there will be seen by everybody. My first advice:

Don't push yourself.

You don't have to start off by creating a new page or even by typing an entire essay, start with small edits such adding categories to pages that don't have any or simply checking for any spelling error. Once you feel more confident and think you know how it work you can begin not just to edit but also create content. That doesn't mean that you have to create a new page, you can start by simply adding a couple lines of text to existing pages. Once you feel really confident, but not sure of where to start, you can have a look at the list of Wanted page. Second, remember that:

Nobody will judge you,

or at least nobody has the right to. We're all different here and we all come from a wide variety of countries and the English wiki is, just like the English forum, by extension the international Wiki. If you misspell something somebody will fix it but no one will ever make fun of you. And if they do... laugh it off, remember admins see everything, if people are harassing you they will notice. If they don't you can always give them a poke. My third advice resembles the first but is different:

Don't edit something you don't want to.

Everybody here has their weak spot and strong points and its important to use them. Just because Rohan is already being edited by someone doesn't mean you can't join, don't assume that you have to work on something else just because it's already taken, because you know what they say about assuming. So if you want to edit something, do it. In addition this wiki has custom badges for edits made on the four main faction pages with more coming on the way. My last advice is:

You are NEVER alone.

No matter what you think, you are never on your own. If you ever feel discourage about all the work that is going to have to done, have a nap or go outside, who knows maybe when you come back you'll see a bunch of new text. Same, if you ever need help, there is an entire section on the forums dedicated to putting together a team on the wiki. If you are stuck, don't be scared, poke an admin or just another user and they'll help you.

In Summary

A wiki is like a family, and this family is big since it is like the one on Modding Union or Moddb. Don't be scared and believe in yourself. And remember "Not all those who wander are lost."

Tools for the Wiki

Here you can find a variety of tools created by either the Edain community or the Wikia community to edit this wiki more efficiently and present its information in a standard format throughout the page.


Faction InfoboxThis is the standard faction overview for all factions, it provides a quick and easy overview of the faction's key points and links to other pages.

Hero Infobox: This infobox is a standard issue to fit key points about a hero in a small format when simply referred to in an article such as for the ring hero articles where the original hero is only mentioned but not expanded upon.

Unit InfoboxThis infobox is mean for when used in articles to refer to a specific unit when it is not the center of focus of the particular article, this allows the article to refresh the memory of the reader on such pages as strategy articles.

Custom Hero Infobox: This allows player to display key points about specific custom heroes in identical fashion throughout the whole Wiki.

Custom Map Infobox: This infobox allows you to show the specs of a custom map easily and uniformly throughout all the wiki.

Summonable Heroes Infobox: This was requested and definitely something that would have been needed in the future so I went on ahead and got it done. Here you can fill out categories specifically designed for heroes who are only temporarily summonable and therefore don't have a recruitment location or cost.


Hide/Show: This is a handy template if you wish to make some of you text collapsible to shorten the article.

Quote: This is a template that allows to display quote uniformly and nicely throughout the wiki

Need more help with templates? Check out this wiki.