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The Heroic Statue is a Support structure of Gondor, Arnor, and Rohan. By gazing upon the countenances of kings of old, nearby allied troops are inspired to fight harder to preserve their lands and country.


Statue - Nearby units gain +20% damage and armor. This bonus persists for 30 seconds after leaving the range of the statue.

Inspiration - The Heroic Status reduces the cost of Heroes of up to -30%:

  • 2 Statues: -10%
  • 3 Statues: -20%
  • 4 or more Statues: -30%


Heroic Statues are best used in a defensive strategy, placed close to the entrance to your base. They can be especially effective at helping the player hold key forward outposts. Gondor Heroic Statues are further buffed by Aragorn's level 10 ability, which gives an additional +25% armor to units near heroic statues.


In the game, Rohan's Heroic Statue is of a horseman (indicating its great reliance on cavalry), and Gondor's is of a man on foot. In the movies, the opposite is true: at Helm's Deep we see a statue of Helm Hammerhand on foot, and in Minas Tirith we see an equestrian statue of an unknown ruler (Anarion?). [Of course, there are many other statues in Minas Tirith; this one is just the most prominent as it is by the gate.]