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"In the days of Argeleb son of Malvegil, since no descendants of Isildur remained in the other kingdoms, the kings of Arthedain again claimed the lordship of all Arnor. The claim was resisted by Rhudaur. There the Dúnedain were few, and power had been seized by an evil lord of the Hill-men, who was in secret league with Angmar."
Appendix A, Annals of the Kings and Rulers: "Eriador, Arnor, and the Heirs of Isildur"

Hwaldar is the Hill-man from Rhudaur who now serves Angmar. He functions much like Isengard's Wulfgar, granting bonuses to his hill-men and specializing in building destruction.


Hwaldar raiders frenzy ability.png Level 1: Raider's Frenzy - Hwaldar performs a mighty blow against a selected building. The armor of the building is reduced by 25% for 30 seconds, while Hwaldar and all nearby thralls gain +50% movement speed for 30 seconds. Left click on the icon, then left click on target enemy building.

Hwaldar battle rage ability.png Level 2: Battle Rage - With every attack, Hwaldar grants nearby vassals +40 damage for 10 seconds. (Passive ability)

Hwaldar blood lust ability.png Level 5: Blood Lust - For 30 seconds, thralls in Hwaldar's immediate vicinity gain twice as much damage from his Battle Rage. Left click to activate.

Hwaldar summon bone breakers ability.png Level 7: Summon Bone Breakers - Hwaldar permanently summons a battalion of the most feared warriors of the corrupted Rhudaur, the Bone Crushers. These men wear the blood and bones of their slain enemies as armor to terrify and disgust their enemies. They can gain additional benefits from Hwaldar's Raider's Frenzy and Battle Rage. Left click on icon then left click on target area.

Hwaldar scorched earth ability.png Level 10: Scorched Earth - Hwaldar tears an enemy building down. The selected building is destroyed, and a patch of scorched earth is left behind which is not cultivable and reduces the amount of resources of all nearby resources buildings. Left click icon then left click on desired building.


Hwaldar can receive the following upgrade:

Might of witch king upgrade.png Might of the Witch-King - The might of the Witch-King will be bestowed to a hero gifting them with additional power for 120 seconds. For a limited time, Hwaldar gains better stats. Hwaldar gains 100% damage, his abilities deal 100% damage, resists knockback, gains 100% armor, 25% speed, 100% experience gain for 2 minutes.