"The Valley of Imladris. In the Common Tongue, it is known by another name. "


Imladris is based around the elven inhabitants of Rivendell, and it is one of the two elven factions featured in Edain Mod. This faction offers excellent quality, highly specialized troops at the price of unit size, production time and unit diversity.

Imladris' fortresses have a walkable ring of walls with several extension functions. Within the fortress there are 7 building plots, whilst outside of the fortress exists the possibility to build two unique defensive buildings. The Citadel provides important functions and can be expanded with various fields of study. On camp maps, Imladris has a ring of walls with a simple entrance. This faction typically fields a low number of excellent quality troops. The troop sizes, therefore, are smaller than in other factions. On settlements, the Elves of Lindon and Dúnedain of the North can be recruited.

Strategic Points


Rivendell is protected by an imposing fortress, that can be armed with healing fountains, towers and side gates at various building slots. The gate can on each side be upgraded with floodgates to blow nearby enemies away. The whole game principle of the faction is focused on the buildable library, which collects knowledge during the game. By doing so it is provided with new fields of study and Lore-Master. As the game progresses and more knowledge is collected, the variety of the faction grows. Units can use new skills or formations and improve already upgraded blades and arrows even further.


The Rivendell Camp is similar to the Gondor Camp where the camp has on exit and is surrounded by thin walls. The camp can be equipped with four towers for defense and apart from that has access to the same buildings and abilities as the fortress.


Apart from the regular outpost, Rivendell can build a Dúnedain outpost which can be upgraded similarly to the Ered Luin Lake-town or Erebor's Dale. They can be upgraded with a food tent to produce resources, a tower which fires arrows at nearby enemies, a barracks to recruit dúnedain troops and a healing tent, which heals nearby troops. You can also recruit the hero Halbarad.


On the settlements, Rivendell can build a Rivendell Farm to produce resources and to reduce cavalry costs, a hobbit farm to reduce dúnedain costs, which is protected by hobbits and a Lindon tower to recruit Cirdan and Lindon Guardians.


Name/Shortcut Buildable


Cost in




Description Price


Eregion Forge Castle, Camp 400 2500 Researches upgrades.

Generates resources.

Reduces cost of unit upgrades:

2 forges: -10%

3 forges: -15%

4 forges: -20%

5 forges: -30%

6 forges: -40%

Author's Hall Castle, Camp 400 2500 Generates resources. Reduces the cooldown time of spellbook powers:

2 halls: -10%

3 halls: -15%

4 halls: -20%

5 halls: -25%

6 halls: -30%

Siegeworks Castle, Camp 600 3500 Builds Imladris Catapult. None
Library Castle, Camp 800 4000 Trains Loremaster.

Can research different kinds of Studies to enable different functions and level recruitement buildings.

Resting Place Castle, Camp 400 1000 Heals nearby allies if there are no enemies close. Allies gain +20% attack and defense. When they leave the surroundings of the resting place the bonus persists for 30 seconds. Reduces the cost of Heroes:

2 Resting Places: -10%

3 Resting Places: -20%

4 Resting Places: -30%

Rivendell Barracks Castle, Camp 300 3500 Trains Rivendell Swordsmen, Rivendell Spearmen, Rivendell Archers, Blade Masters of Rivendell, Veterans of the Last Alliance. None
Green Pasture Castle, Camp 800 3500 Trains Rivendell Lancers and Glorfindel's Wind Riders. Researches Horse Shields. None
Battle Tower Castle, Camp 500 4000 Defensive arrow tower that can be garrisoned with archers.


Name Type Where to


Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Rivendell Swordsmen Swordsmen Rivendell Barracks 500 90 Spearmen;

weak infantry

Rivendell Spearmen Pikemen Rivendell Barracks 600 90 Cavalry, Monster X
Rivendell Archers Archer Rivendell level 2 Barracks 600 120 Light infantry, pikemen, monsters V
Blade Masters of Rivendell Swordsmen Rivendell level 2 Barracks 500 90 Weak units in high numbers V
Veterans of the Last Alliance Heroic Swordsmen Rivendell level 3 Barracks, Forged Blades, Heavy Armor 1100 90 Everything B
Loremaster Ranged Magic Library 600 60 Depends none
Rivendell Lancers Cavalry Green Pasture 800 120 Archers Y
Glorfindel's Wind Riders Heroic Green Pasture level 3, heavy armour, forged blades and horse shields 1600 120 Everything C
Imladris Catapult Siege Siege Works 700 60 Buildings none

Naval Units

Name Cost CP Strong vs. Description Shortcut
Elven Transport Ship 100 25 N/A Can transport up to two battalions or heroes into any other location, very weak. If it dies with units the units will also die. Y
Elven Battle Ship 750 50 At Range, VS Ships Basic ships who shoot at any troops nearby, can be upgraded with improved armor and health regeneration. X
Elven Bombardment Ship 3000 100 Structures Mighty Siege ship which deals huge damage. Can take down a building in merely a couple of hits. Can be upgraded with better armor and health regeneration C
Elven Storm Ship 500 25 Ships Elven ships that cause a destructive storm that kills all the ships nearby V



Gildor was a Ñoldorin elf who met Frodo Baggins in the Shire. After hearing of the Black Riders, he allowed Frodo, Sam and Pippin to spend a night in the Elves' company.


Arwen is the daughter of Elrond and Celebrian. During the Third Age, she loved Aragorn (a man) and chose a mortal life with him in Middle-earth rather than join her father in the Undying Lands.

The Twins

Elladan and Elrohir were the Sons of Elrond during the Third Age. They were known for the close friendship with the Dunedain of the North and joined the Grey Company as they journeyed to Gondor during the War of the Ring.


Glorfindel was once a Lord of Gondolin during the First Age of Middle-earth. During the Fall of Gondolin, he fought one of the Balrogs and both killed each other. He was sent back to Middle-earth in the Second Age by the Valar. 


Elrond Halfelven was the Lord of Rivendell during the Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth. He fostered the Heirs of Isildur in their exile and his home was a place of rest and counsel. He was a member of the White Council and assisted both the Fellowship of the Ring and the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil was an enigmatic being that lived in the Old Forest next to the Barrow-downs with his wife Goldberry. He helped the Hobbits on the journey to Bree. It is unknown what he is. However, he is known to be incredibly powerful and was unaffected by any of the Ring's powers.


Gwaihir, also known as Gwaihir the Windlord, was the greatest of the Great Eagles during the Third Age. He is best known for his deeds during the events of The Hobbit and the War of the Ring.


Gil-galad was the Last High King of the Ñoldor and ruled from Lindon during the Second Age of Middle-earth. He formed the Last Alliance of Men and Elves with Elendil and led the attack on Mordor. It was there that he was killed in combat with Sauron. He was entrusted with Vilya (Ring of Air) and Narya (Ring of Fire), which he gave to Elrond and Círdan, respectively.


Elendil the Tall was the First High King of Gondor and Arnor after the Faithful fled from the Downfall of Númenor. He joined Gil-galad in the Last Alliance and was killed by Sauron on the slopes of Mount Doom.


Isildur was the eldest son of Elendil and ruled Gondor with his brother Anárion. On the slopes of Mount Doom, he cut the Ring from Sauron's hand but refused to destroy it, allowing evil to endure. On the road to the North, Isildur, his men and all but one of his sons were ambushed and slain by orcs at Gladden Fields. It was there that the Ring was lost.


Anárion was the youngest son of Elendil and ruled Gondor with his brother Isildur. He was killed by a stone cast from Barad-dur during its siege. The rule of Gondor was later continued by his heirs.

External Buildplots


Name/Shortcut Buildable


Cost in




Description Price


Dunedain Outpost Outpost 800 5000 May be expanded with more tents. Trains Dunedain Swordsmen, Dunedain Spearmen, Dunedain Rangers and Battering Rams.

Recruitable hero: Halbarad

Outpost Outpost 1200 4000 Can recruit heroes, spawns 3 buildable plots. None
Hobbit Farm Settlement 200 2500 Generates resources.

Defended by Hobbits.

Reduces the cost of Dunedain:

2 Farms: -10%

3 Farms: -15%

4 Farms: -20%

5 Farms: -25%

6 Farms: -30%

Lindon Watchtower Settlement 500 1500 Fires arrows at nearby enemies.

Trains Lindon units.

Recruitable hero: Cirdan

Garden of Rivendell Settlement 200 2500 Generates Resources. Reduces cost of Cavalry:

2 Farms: -10%

3 Farms: -15%

4 Farms: -20%

5 Farms: -25%

6 Farms: -30%


Name Type Where to


Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Lindon Guardians Heroic Lindon Watchtower 1300 90 Depends on situation Y
Dunedain Swordsmen (Imladris) Swordsmen Dunedain Outpost 200 60 Spearmen;

weak infantry

Dunedain Spearmen (Imladris) Pikemen Dunedain Outpost 300 60 Cavalry, Monsters C
Dunedain Rangers (Imladris) Archer Dunedain Outpost 300 90 Light infantry, pikemen, monsters X
Battering Ram (Imladris) Siege Dunedain Outpost 300 40 Buildings V



​Halbarad was one of the Dunedain Rangers who guarded the Shire in the Third Age. During the War of the Ring, he led 30 of the Grey Company (as well as the Sons of Elrond) to Gondor, where he was killed in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.


Círdan​ was a Telerian shipwright who lived in Lindon. He was one of the oldest living beings in Middle Earth and was a guardian of the Elven Ring Narya, which he gave to Gandalf. Círdan prepared the ship that sent the Ring-bearers into the West at the start of the Fourth Age.


The spellbook that can be seen below is the Imladris Spellbook that has been planned for the 4.5 patch. It is not yet out and it is perfectly normal if you see the old spellbook. The old spellbook can still be consulted below.

To see a power you can either hover on one of them on the image below or click on one of the tabs under that. If you feel like the hover areas are off a bit, try zooming in or out the page out.

4.4 Spellbook


Name Cost of Research Cost of Equipping Effect Requirement
Mystical Study 400 0 Allow Loremasters to use their abilities. Library
Blacksmithing Study 400 0 Enables battalions to purchase Eregion blades. Library
Military Study 400 0 Enable the Standard Units to use their abilities Library
Basic Mystical Study 600 0 Allow combined Loremasters to use their abilities Library, All Three Tier 1 Studies
Basic Blacksmithing Study 600 0 Allow units to purchase Gold Tipped Arrows of Eregion Library, All Three Tier 1 Studies
Basic Military Study 600 0 Allow Elite units to use their ability Library, All Three Tier 1 Studies
Banner Carrier 400 200 Promotes a Level 1 battalion to level two, allowing them to regenerate units. Rivendell Barracks, All Three Tier 2 Studies / Halbarad level 5
Forged Blades 600 300 Increases damage dealt significantly.

Swordsmen receive additional bonus damage against other infantry.

Pikemen receive additional bonus damage against cavalry and monsters.

Cavalry receive additional bonus damage against structures.

Eregion Forge Level 2
Heavy Armor 600 300 Increases the hitpoints and severely reduces ranged damage. Eregion Forge Level 2
Gold Tip Arrows 800 300 Enhances the damage caused by arrows distinctly Eregion Forge Level 3
Eregion Blades 0 200 Increases attack speed of the battalion Eregion Forge Level 2, All Three Tier 1 Studies
Gold Tip Arrows of Eregion 0 400 Increases the attack of allied unit near the point of impact of the arrow Eregion Forge Level 3, All Three Tier 2 Studies
Fire Arrows 0 400 Greatly enhances the damage caused by arrows Halbarad Level 7


Imladris is one of the more difficult factions to learn, but the power it yields is more than adequately rewarding of the patience needed to learn its strengths and weaknesses. It's a more defensive army than that of Lothlórien, and does not value speed and numbers. Instead, it favors quality over quantity, and thus all of their soldiers are expensive and slow to train, and are recruited few in number. However, Imladris armies are extremely powerful. Rivendell elves are to Lothlórien elves just as Isengard Uruk-Hai are to Mordor Orcs. They are much more powerful, and a lot more expensive. As such, the main priority with Imladris is to form a sizable economy with a stable income and ample defenses before battle.

It also goes without saying that Imladris puts an emphasis on heroic units, much like Lothlórien does. In fact, when their ring hero gets the ring, it spawns a whole team of hero units with mighty powers. When you don't have the time or resources to invest in Elrond or Arwen however, Imladris has access to the loremasters, which can be trained, specialized, and combined to make for powerful support units to your elven forces.

Fighting Against Imladris

With such strong regular troops, it can be difficult to wipe out an Imladris army. The key to fighting them is to exploit the fact that their regular troops are very expensive and it takes a long time to reach their late game upgrades. Never let an Imladris play build up for a long time. The weaker their economy, the longer it takes for them to fully expand their army, so always try and attack their outer structures. It can be easy to think that, outnumbering the Imladris army can be enough to defeat them but in reality, Imladris units can easily fight against much larger numbers (especially in the early game). Their small battalions render them vulnerable to archers in the early game since their cavalry is expensive and their main archers need a level 2 barracks (which then needs all the tier 1 library upgrades). Flanking damage is also a good way to wipe out their battalions faster, which can make mobile or spam factions a good choice against Imladris.

Edain 4

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