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The Siege Works of Imladris builds catapults to shatter the gates and break down the structures of its enemies. It can also research a unique catapult upgrade, Blinding Shot. Like all Imladris buildings, it is linked to the Library and levels up as the Library upgrades are researched.

Level Up

Library passive.png Insight - The Library can research studies to enable different abilities and effects for the units of Rivendell. Once the library is fully built, Erestor becomes available. Completed studies upgrade structures to higher levels.

  • Level 2: +20% unit production speed
  • Level 3: +30% unit production speed


The Siege Works is also where you can research the Blinding Shot upgrade:

Blinding Shot.png Blinding Shot - Blinding Shot boulders paralyze enemies in the target area but inflict only half damage. Catapults can switch between regular boulders and Blinding Shot boulders. Once this upgrade is purchased at a level 3 Siege Works, it will automatically be applied to all Imladris Catapults. Cost: 800


This structure produces the following units:

Name Type Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Imladris Catapult Siege 600 60 Buildings N/A