"A new power is rising! Its victory is at hand!"

Isengard is an industrial powerhouse that draws most of its strength in the late game. At first, you'll have little aside from scouts, wargs, and some Dunlendings for an army, but as time passes and you expand your economy and army, you unlock useful upgrades that augment your power on the map. At the beginning of the game, your priority is to protect your territory as much as you can with what little you have. Expansion and conquest comes later when you have more options of attack and access to your formidable siege weapons and fully-upgraded Uruks.

Isengard's fortress provides nothing but fences for defense, with eight build plots and defense plots. Its focus is on defense and economy in the early game, expansion and development mid-game, and aggressive destruction in the late game. Isengard has the greatest number of siege weapons for devastating enemy defenses, and their fully-upgraded Uruk-hai are among the most powerful late-game soldiers in all of Arda. Essentially, the longer that Isengard holds out in a battle, the stronger it becomes.

Strategic Points


Isengard castles have small walls, barely visible, with multiple entrances, and 8 build plots and defense plots which can be mounted with small towers. The central fortress can be enhanced with various upgrades boosting buildings or Saruman.


The camp has no walls and only 6 build plots and defense plots, but the fortress can still be upgraded normally.


On the outpost Isengard can build a Steelworks to purchase advanced boosts to unit upgrades, receive a high production of resources, and to defend the area with two small arrow towers which come included. Isengard can also go with a regular outpost which allows it to build the various buildings from the castle and camp selection.


On the settlements Isengard can choose to build a mineshaft to produce resources, a Clan Steading to produce units from Isengard's sub-faction, Dunland: Wildmen, Wildmen Axe Throwers, and Wulfgar, or a lumber mill, lowering building cost and gathering wood resources through orc laborers.


Name/Shortcut Buildable at Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Citadel (N/A) Castle, Camp, Outpost N/A 4000 The citadel is the central building of a fortress or a camp. Isengard heroes can be recruited there. Can research Murder of Crows, Excavations, Burning Forges and Wizard's Tower. N/A
Mineshaft (X) Castle, Camp, Outpost, Settlements 400/200 2500 Generates resources and increases the command point limit by 30. Reduces the cost of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Uruks:
  • 2 Mineshafts: -10%
  • 3 Mineshafts: -15%
  • 4 Mineshafts: -20%
  • 5 Mineshafts: -25%
  • 6 Mineshafts: -30%
Furnace (Y) Castle, Camp, Outpost 400 2500 Generates resources and increases the command point limit by 30. Once it has reached level 3 lowers the cost of unit upgrades:

  • 2 Furnaces: -10%
  • 3 Furnaces: -20%
  • 4 Furnaces: -30%
  • 5 Furnaces: -40%
  • 6 Furnaces: -50%
Uruk Pit (C) Castle, Camp, Outpost 300 6500 Trains Isengard Scouts, Uruk-Hai, Uruk Crossbowmen, Uruk Pikemen, Shield Uruks and Uruk Berserkers. Can research War Machinery LV1 and War MachineryLV2. N/A
Warg Pit (V) Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 7500 Trains Warg Riders and researches the Blood Warg Upgrade. N/A
Siege Works (B) Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 6500 Trains Battering Rams, Siege Ladders, Siege Ballistae, Mine Berserkers and Explosive Mines. N/A
Armory (N) Castle, Camp, Outpost 1000 4500 Researches Banner Carrier, Forged Blades, Heavy Armor, Uruk Captain and Steel Bolts. N/A
Warg Sentry (A) Castle, Camp, Outpost 500 1500 Defensive wargs that attack nearby enemies. N/A
Lookout Tower (S) Camp, Castle, Outpost 500 3000 Defensive tower that fires arrows at enemies. Can be garrisoned with troops and upgraded with Steel Bolts N/A


Name Type Where to recruit/ requires Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Isengard Scouts Swordsmen, Archer Uruk Pit 250 90 Depends Y
Uruk-Hai Swordsmen Uruk Pit, War Machinery LV1 300 60 Pikemen X
Uruk Crossbowmen Archer Uruk Pit, War Machinery LV1 500 90 Range C
Uruk Pikemen Pikemen Uruk Pit, War Machinery LV1 400 60 Cavalry V
Shield Uruks Support Uruk Pit, War Machinery LV2 500 30 N/A B
Uruk Berserker Single Uruk Pit, War Machinery LV2 350 45 Swordmen, Pikemen, Heroes N
Warg Riders Cavalry Warg Pit 400 90 Archers,Swordsmen Y
Battering Ram Siege Siege Works 240 20 Structures Y
Siege Ladder Support Siege Works 160 10 N/A X
Siege Ballista Siege Siege Works, War Machinery LV1 560 40 Structures, Siege C
Mine Berserker Siege Siege Works, War Machinery LV2 280 15 Units, Structures V
Explosive Mine Siege Siege Works, War Machinery LV2 720 30 Structures, Units B
Dunland Spearmen Pikemen Spears from Dunland


0 45 Cavalry N/A

Naval Units

Name Cost CP Strong vs. Description Shortcut
Umbar Transport 100 25 N/A Can transport up to two battalions or heroes across bodies of water, very weak. If it dies with units inside the units will also die. Y
Corsair Black Ship 750 50 At Range, VS Ships Basic ships that shoot at any troops nearby, can be upgraded with improved armor and improved damage. X
Corsair Bombardment Ship 3000 100 Structures Mighty Siege ship which deals huge damage. Can take down a building in just a couple of hits C
Mordor Doom Ship 500 25 Ships Will explode when nearby to the target ship, dragging other nearby ships with it. V


Bill Ferny

"He has an evil name in Bree-land, and queer folk call at his house"

Bill Ferny was a man of Bree and an agent of Saruman. He would do anything to gain a profit from a situation and sold information on the Hobbits to Saruman and the Nazgul. In the Edain Mod, he wields his club and will sell his services to the player if they pay for it.

Grima Wormtongue

"See, Théoden, here is a snake! With safety you cannot take it with you, nor can you leave it behind. To slay it would be just. But it was not always as it now is. Once it was a man, and did you service in its fashion"

Grima Wormtongue was an advisor of King Theoden of Rohan who was later revealed to be an agent of Saruman. He worked as a spy in Edoras and tried to weaken Theoden and his kingdom. Following the ruin of Isengard, Grima killed Saruman with a dagger after his ill-treatment went too far. In the Edain Mod, he wields the knife that can be seen in the movies and uses his abilities to weaken his enemies before he can kill them.


"Find the halflings!"

Lurtz was the first of the Uruk-Hai to be bred successfully and was smarter and stronger than most of the others. He led the Uruk scouts to attack the Fellowship at Amon Hen, where he killed Boromir with his bow. Lurtz then fought and was killed by Aragorn soon after. In the Edain Mod, he is recruited on foot from the citadel and can switch between his bow to attack from far away and his sword if the enemy gets too close. He can use his abilities to slow and slay enemy heroes.


"We came out of Isengard, and led you here, and we shall lead you back by the way we choose. I am Uglúk. I have spoken."

Ugluk was one of the strongest Uruk-Hai and was a commander of the Uruk scouts who kidnapped Merry and Pippin. He was loyal to Saruman and made sure that they only took the Hobbits to Isengard, not Mordor as Grishnákh demanded (and made sure Merry and Pippin weren't eaten either!). He was later killed by Eomer when the Uruks were ambushed near Fangorn Forest. In the Edain Mod, he wields a blade with deadly accuracy and his uruk endurance can take many hits.


"Send out your warg riders"

Sharku was a veteran orc who was in command of Saruman's warg riders. He led the attack on the Rohirrim who were retreating to Helm's Deep. During the battle, he had a short skirmish with Aragorn in which he was stabbed in the chest. He died while taunting Legolas and Gimli over Aragorn's fall off the cliff. In the game, Sharku is a crazy warg rider who excels in combat when paired up with other warg riders.


"He was not always evil. Once I do not doubt that he was the friend of Rohan; and even when his heart grew colder, he found you useful still. But for long now he has plotted your ruin, wearing the mask of Friendship, until he was ready."

Saruman was the greatest of the Istari in Middle Earth and the chief of the White Council. His studies of the Rings of Power led to him desiring the One Ring for himself. He believed that he could work with Sauron and then betray him with the power of the Ring, causing him to ally Isengard with Mordor. In the game, Saruman is your main hero as well as Isengard's Ring Hero. He is a powerful wizard with an arsenal of magical abilities to support your main troops in the thick of battle. He wields his staff and knocks back enemy units.

External Buildplots


Name/Shortcut Buildable at Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Mineshaft (X) Castle, Camp, Outpost, Settlements 400/200 2500 Generates resources Reduces the cost of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Uruks:
  • 2 Mineshafts: -10%
  • 3 Mineshafts: -15%
  • 4 Mineshafts: -20%
  • 5 Mineshafts: -25%
  • 6 Mineshafts: -30%
Clan Steading (C) Settlements 300 2500 Can train Wildmen of Dunland, Wildmen Axe Throwers and recruit Wulfgar. N/A
Lumber Mill (Y) Settlements 200 2500 Generates resources by cutting down nearby trees, can train Orc Laborers Reduces the cost of buildings:

  • 2 Lumber Mills: -10%
  • 3 Lumber Mills: -20%
  • 4 Lumber Mills: -30%
Steelworks (Y) Outpost 3500 6000 Generates resources and researches of Hardened Weapons, Hardened Bolts and Hardened Weapons. N/A


Name Type Where to recruit/ requires Cost CP Cost Strong vs. Shortcut
Wildmen of Dunland Swordsmen Clan Steading 150 60 Pikemen, Structures Y
Wildmen Axe Throwers Archer Clan Streading 350 90 Range X
Orc Laborer Other Lumber Mill 30 0 N/A B



"We will fight for you...We will die for Saruman"

Wulfgar was a chieftain of the Dunlendings. He swore allegiance to Saruman and led raids on Rohan's villages in order to reclaim their old land. In the game, Wulfgar is trained from the Clan Steading, and he excels in combat when teamed up with groups of wildmen of Dunland.


Isengard's spellbook is comprised of spells that are balanced between supporting your soldiers and strengthening your economy. Early on, you'll have few options except for spying and empowering your soldiers, but as the game progresses, your powers will cause your economic gains to skyrocket, building up your momentum in research and development. The two endgame spells are some of the most devastating--one against enemy armies, and the other against enemy structures.

The spellbook that can be seen below is the Isengard Spellbook that has been planned for the 4.5 patch. It is not yet out and it is perfectly normal if you see the old spellbook. The old spellbook can still be consulted below.

To see a power you can either hover on one of them on the image below or click on one of the tabs under that. If you feel like the hover areas are off a bit, try zooming in or out the page out.

4.4 Spellbook

Tainted Land

Cost: 1 point
Visual Effect: The land becomes corroded, gaining a greyish look for some time as the land becomes corrupted.
Gameplay Effect: All units that stand on the Tainted Land gain 25% armor. Can be used to cover up other ground powers such as Elven Forest or enemy Tainted Lands. It will also cover up allied Tainted Land, so be careful to make sure who's land you're covering.

Vision of the Palantir

Cost: 1 point
Visual Effect: The fog of war is removed in the target area.
Gameplay Effect: Spy on enemy forces using the Palantiri of Orthanc. The target area is revealed for a long duration. Left click on icon then left click on target area.


Cost: 1 point
Visual Effect: Target area is covered in a red wave, units gains a leadership FX
Gameplay Effect: The War Chant begins. +25% damage and fear resistance for allied units. Left click icon then left click on target units.


Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: Target building is bathed in orange smoke.
Gameplay Effect: Selected structure's resource outputs is temporarily raised to 300%. Left click on icon then left click on target resource structures.


Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: All trees in the area are destroyed, a gree pulse emerges from the center.
Gameplay Effect: Trees are instantly turned into resources. Capped 2000 resources. Left click icon then left click on target forest.

Da Boyz

Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: A cloud of smoke appears on the target area followed by the appearance of orc troops and Grishnákh
Gameplay Effect: Grishnákh and 3 battalions of orcs have been sent from Mordor to Isengard for a short time. Left click on icon then left click on accessible area.

Saruman of Many Colours

Cost: 2 points
Visual Effect: Saruman's robe is woven with strands of various colours.
Gameplay Effect: Saruman of Many Colours is a puppet of Sauron. He directs all his wrath against the free people of Middle earth. Permanently gains +50+ magic damage and resistance against magic and -25% cooldown on all skills. Passive Ability

Warg Archers

Cost: 6 points
Visual Effect: A cloud of smoke appears, followed by the appearance of Warg Archers.
Gameplay Effect: Temporarily summon 4 battalions of Warg Archers on the battlefield. Left click on the target location.

Freezing Rain

Cost: 6 points
Visual Effect: The entire map is covered in rain. Enemy units lose their leadership FX.
Gameplay Effect: Temporarily covers the map in rain. All enemy units lose their leaderships bonuses. Left click to activate

Fuel the Fire

Cost: 6 points
Visual Effect: All Lumber Mills are covered in orange lights.
Gameplay Effect: +100% resources from harvesting trees. Does not affect the Devastation power. Passive ability.

Fires of Isengard

Cost: 10 points
Visual Effect: A pile of mines appears at the target location with a berserker. After a short while the pile of mines are detonated.
Gameplay Effect:Places a cache of mines which will be detonated after six seconds. Deals heavy damage to structures in a wide area and decreases their defense by up to 50% the closer they are to the explosion.


Cost: 10 points
Visual Effect: A cloud of smoke appears at the target area, following that a giant Isengard army is spawned
Gameplay Effect: Unleash the power of Isengard. Summon a mighty army of Isengard. Left click on target area. Summons two battalions of pikemen, two battalion of swordsmen, two battalion of crossbowmen, two berserkers. All summoned units have upgrades.


Name Cost of Research Cost of Equipping Effect Requirement
Banner Carrier 400 200 Promotes battalions to rank two allowing them to replace fallen units while out of combat. Only available at level 1. Researched at the Armory
Heavy Armor 600 300 Gives the battalion additional htipoints to the unit and increased armor against ranged attacks. Researched at the Armory
Forged Blades 600 300 Increases the damage of the battalion against:

  • Other infantry if they are swordsmen
  • Monsters and Cavalry if they are pikemen
  • Buildings if they are cavalry
Researched at the Armory
Steel Bolts 800 400 Increases damage and ignores heavy armor upgrades Researched at the Armory
Uruk Captain 800 400 Promotes battalion to level 5 and fear resistance Researched at the Armory, battalion must be level 2
Machinery of War Level 1 1000 0 Unlocks Tier 2 units. Researched at a units recruitment building (apart from the Clan Steading)
Machinery of War Level 2 1500 0 Unlocks Tier 3 units. Researched at a units recruitment building (apart from the Clan Steading)
Blood Wargs 400 200 Warg Riders regenerate health when they attack Researched at Warg Pit
Torches 0 200 Increases damage None
Shields 0 300 Gains +50% damage resistance against elemental, magic attacks and ranged attacks.

Each attack now reduces the damage of enemy units by 50% for 3 seconds and of enemy heroes by 35% for 3 seconds.

Ugluk is on the battlefield
Hunt Leader 0 300 Promotes the Isengard Scouts to level 2. Hunting Arrow now lower armor by an additional 50% for units and 25% for heroes. Lurtz is on the battlefield
Hardened Armor 1000 0 Increases the armor of units equipped with heavy armor. Researched at Steelworks
Hardened Weapons 1000 0 Increases the damage of units equipped with forged blades. Researched at Steelworks
Hardened Bolts 1000 0 Increases the damage of units equipped with steel bolts. Researched at Steelworks
Murder of Crows 400 0 Allows the player to call Crebain to the battlefield for a short time. Citadel
Excavations 1000 0 Reduces the cost of siege engines:

  • 1 Citadel with excavations: -20%
  • 2 Citadels with excavations: -40%
  • 3 Citadels with excavations: -60%
Burning Forges 750 0 Doubles the production of resources of the citadel. Citadel
Wizard's Tower 1500 0 Erects a Wizard's Tower which Saruman can stand atop: allows him to use his abilities regardless of level when he is garrisoned within it. Citadel


Isengard deviates from the formula of evil factions. In much the same way that Lothlorien is aggressive for a heroic faction, Isengard is defensive for a evil faction with a greater emphasis on economy and technology. Although Isengard isn't as expressly honed for defensive play like Angmar is, it still has two different defensive structures for its build plots, as well as a wealth of miniature tower plots encircling the fortress, which itself can be protected by housing Saruman and using the wizard's powers. Rather than rushing enemies with floods of troops like Mordor or the Misty Mountains, Isengard bides its time by gathering strength in the early game, protecting its territory, and stockpiling resources until it has access to its unit upgrades and siege weapons.

At the beginning of the game, Isengard's tier 1 soldiers are reasonably priced for their strength, and are more focused on moving through the map quickly in search of settlements to capture or crumble. To an extent, Isengard's scouts are quite powerful and versatile, as are their siege weapons and early warg riders, but at this point of the game Isengard is better suited to harassing the enemy and hindering their control of resources and territory. Directly attacking other fortresses is also possible for Isengard, although a lot of their units of choice will be cheap, weak, and less organized rabble that are less suitable for battle and more for ambushing or attacking from unexpected angles to try and wipe out an opponent's defenses.

Mid-game is when Isengard starts to become stronger, as they unlock their tier 2 units, which are significantly more powerful and specialized. As the economy of Isengard develops, they gain access to heavy Uruk-hai, which are much tougher and better suited for fighting than scouts and wild men. At this point, Isengard can start making pushes away from defense and developing larger forces for battle. Their ability to destroy buildings and rival siege weapons also becomes bolstered in the middle of the game.

The late game is when Isengard reaches the pinnacle of its strength and becomes the most aggressive and dangerous. With superb soldiers and siege weaponry combined with superior unit upgrades and highly experienced hero units, Isengard makes the full transition from a passive-defensive raider into a fully-fledged warmonger faction that is equally strong against enemy forces and fortifications.

Like most evil factions, Isengard has weak defenses and must rely on a combination of raiding and attacking to hold off its opponents so that it can further build its strength. As they have a wealth of defenses in the form of warg pits and arrow towers, Isengard is better suited for protecting itself in the early game, although it still pales in comparison to the defensive capabilities of other factions like Gondor and Angmar.