"Though he fought with a valor rarely seen among men, the young Arnorian Captain paid a price beyond death and now serves the Iron Crown."

Karsh is the cursed captain of Arnor who now serves Angmar. He was once a man of Arnor - Carthaen, but now he is one of the deadliest servants of the Witch-King, now being a Wight.


The transformation of Carthaen into Karsh in BFME II: ROTWK


Karsh chill soul abilityLevel 1: Chill SoulKarsh steals the essence of life from his enemies with every blow and is healed for 20% of the damage. All nearby enemies are 20% slower. (Passive)

Karsh shadow step abilityLevel 3: Shadow StepKarsh walks on the path of death and teleports himself to the selected location. Enemies at the destination are temporarily paralyzed with fear. Left click on target area. 

Karsh crypt entrance abilityLevel 5: Entrance to the CryptKarsh summons a Barrow which can be used by Barrow Wights as a tunnel network between barrows. Left click on target location.

Karsh voice of wight abilityLevel 7: Voice of the WightEnemies in the area of the selected crypt lose 50% of their damage for 10 seconds and run away in fear after that. Left click on allied Barrow. 

Karsh soul thief abilityLevel 10: Soul Thief - The whispering dread of Angmar steadily withdraws the light of life from his victims. Enemy units nearby are permanently damaged and transfuse their health to Karsh. Karsh is slowed down by 50% for the duration of this ability. Left click to activate.


Karsh can receive the following upgrade:

Might of witch king upgrade Might of the Witch-King - Karsh is healed by 75% of his dealt damage.

This upgrade can be applied to him through the Witch-King's ability Might of the Witch-King.


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