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"None but the King of Gondor may command me!"
King of the Dead

Summon the army of the dead to fight alongside you for a short duration of time.


Death laughter.png Death Laughter - The horrible laughter of the King of the Dead causes units to flee in terror from him.

King of dunharg.png The King of Dunharg - Once the King and his Oathbreakers fulfill their oath, nearby enemies fear them and become weaker. (Passive ability)


Generally speaking, Death Laughter shouldn't be used while the Army of the Dead still has a substantial amount of time left in their summon, or is being used offensively. This is because it will cause enemy units to be feared, sending them away from the army; the last thing you want for a summon as strong as this.

However, if the army is used defensively and the enemy is still not wiped out during the attack, use the Death Laughter to buy more time, preferably using the ability just before the king disappears, giving the maximum time without an enemy attack (fighting the army + time spent feared). The King of the Dead is a powerful asset to an already extremely overpowered army of the dead.