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"They tried to pierce your heart with a Morgul-knife which remains in the wound. If they had succeeded, you would have become like they are, only weaker and under their command. You would have become a wraith under the dominion of the Dark Lord; and he would have tormented you for trying to keep his Ring..."

Lesser Wraiths are support beings which cannot attack or be attacked. This unit is created by killing a unit that has been poisoned by a Nazgul Morgul blade. Once the unit dies it will spawn a lesser wraith, which can either be controlled for a certain time before it vanishes into the ethereal world, or it can be transformed into a Morgul Shadow, provided that the Minas Morgul outpost is under Sauron's influence.


No Abilities.png
This unit has no abilities. This means that apart from the stances, which are present in every unit, it cannot affect the game play apart from his direct attack. This includes both passive and active abilities


The Lesser Wraith can be given the following upgrade:

Morgul shadow upgrade.png Morgul Shadow: The Lesser Wraith can be bound to the One Ring and come back as a Morgul Shadow.


Lesser Wraiths can be used to spy on the enemy, although they are very slow and on a timer. If the Minas Morgul outpost is under Sauron's influence, they can be transformed into Morgul Shadows. While this option seems like a more practical usage of the Lesser Wraiths, it is important to note that Morgul Shadows drain the health of nearby Ringwraiths.