"One of the Halflings carries something of great value. Bring them to me alive and unspoiled. Kill the others."

Lurtz is the Scout Squad Leader of Saruman of Isengard. Known as the Uruk who killed Boromir, he is an extremely strong hero killer and can easily dispatch most heroes with his abilities.


Lurtz bow ability Lurtz sword ability Level 1: Toggle WeaponLeft click to toggle between bow and sword.

Lurtz cripple Level 1: Cripple pins enemy hero in place for 15 seconds. Can only used with the bow. Left click on icon then left click on target.

Lurtz carnage Level 3: CarnageLurtz gains +60% damage. Can only be used with the sword equipped. Left click to activate. 

Lurtz sarumans squad leader Level 5: Saruman's Squad LeaderAll allies in the vicinity of Lurtz deal +30% damage. Lurtz gets a shield and thus gains +33% armor. (Passive ability)

Lurtz the hunt Level 10: The HuntLurtz marks an enemy unit/hero and makes it the target of the Hunt. As long as the hunted unit/hero is alive it moves 25% slower and reveals everything it sees to the player. Lurtz, Mauhur, Ugluk, and Scouts are 30% faster when they are far away from the target. Left click on any unit/hero. 


No Upgrades
This hero has no upgrades. This means that this hero can not gain any sort of permanent boost from upgrades found in either its palantir or from other units/heroes. If this is not the case, fill in the section following the format of other pages.


Lurtz is the restless hunter of Isengard, and one of the two Uruk heroes that will serve you best on the battlefield. On his own, Lurtz will be more than a match for smaller, weaker soldiers whether at range or up-close. Right from the get-go, his role as a hero-killer already becomes well-established, when he pins an enemy hero down with a special arrow, then unloads more arrows on his target, or rushes in to finish them off with his sword.

The true power of this hero comes when he reaches level ten, as his hero-killer aspect is fully awakened. After beginning the hunt, Lurtz and his fellow scouts will all embark on a relentless journey to chase down an enemy hero with the intention of killing them off. This can especially be useful when the targeted hero is giving you a lot of trouble. It also slows down that hero, so if it happens to be something like a ring hero, it may be weakened enough to make fighting it a lot easier. Combine the efforts of Lurtz with that of say Grima Wormtongue, and even a ring hero will become nearly powerless.

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