"Eowyn: Ride with me.
Merry: My lady!"

Merry appears also in the Gondor faction. He can be summoned along with an army of Rohan with Gondor's spellbook power Rohan Answers (10pp). He can make use of his ability to switch between throwing rocks and using his sword, his Elven Cloak, and his Eagerness of the Fool ability or you can mount him with one of the other heroes to increase their damage.


Merry rocks2Level 1: Toggle Rock Throw Mode - Switch to rock throwing mode.

Merry sword* Level 1: Use Sword - Switch to melee sword.

Merry elven cloakLevel 1: Elven Cloak - Becomes invisible when standing still.

Merry fool eagernessLevel 1: Eagerness of the Fool - Merry temporarily moves 20% faster.


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