"If I were a knight of Rohan capable of great deeds but I'm not. I'm a Hobbit. And I know I can't save Middle Earth. I just want to help my friends; Frodo, Sam, Pippin. More than anything I wish I could see them again."

Recruit the loyal hobbit, Meriadoc Brandybuck, to fight for your cause. As a Hobbit he does not have a faction of his own people but in the mod he fights for Rohan.


Merry rocks2Merry swordLevel 1: Alternate weapon - can switch between throwing rocks and close melee attack.

Merry elven cloakLevel 1: Elven Cloak - Becomes invisible when standing still.

Merry fool eagernessLevel 1: Eagerness of the Fool - Merry's sight range increases by 100% for 20 seconds and nearby invisible units will be revealed and he gains +20% speed.

Merry rohan squire1 Squire of Rohan - Merry becomes a squire of Rohan. He will instantly gain level 5 and an additional 1000 hit points and 30% armor on top of the increased level bonuses to health and armor. Cost: 400

Merry noldor daggerLevel 10: Dagger of the Noldor - Merry uses his dagger of the Noldor, a gift from Galadriel, to cunningly attack his enemies. He will leap in a straight line towards the targeted enemy, dealing heavy damage to everybody he hits on the way, and dealing double damage if he hits enemies from behind.

Merry also has the ability to ride behind a mounted hero of Rohan (except for Theoden and Gamling). He does not fight but still gains experience. He is also able to climb up on Treebeard's and Quickbeam's backs when they are summoned through Rohan's spellbook power The Last March of the Ents (10pp).


Merry rohan squire1Squire of Rohan: Merry becomes a Squire of Rohan, gaining additional hitpoints and instantly leveling up to level 5 (cost: 400).


Merry can cunningly deal very heavy damage to enemy units and even heroes with Dagger of the Noldor. He also can function as a fast scout. However, like most hobbits, he has very low health and so must be kept hidden.

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