"Théoden: Grimbold, how many?
Grimbold: I bring 500 from the Westfold, my lord.
Gamling: We have 300 more from Fenmarch, Theoden King.
Theoden: Where are the riders of Snowbourn?
Gamling: None have come, my lord."
The Return of the King movie.

The Military Camp can be summoned by Rohan on passable terrain as long as the terrain is revealed by allied units. It can periodically summon a special type of Rohirrim.


The Military Camp can receive the following free upgrades which improve the Rohirrim that it summons (NOTE: Only newly summoned battalions will have the research implemented; existing battalions will not be upgraded):

General's tent upgrade Sergeant's Tent: Establish a tent for Theoden's sergeants. Newly summoned battalions will be led by a sergeant who replenishes fallen members and grants leadership to his men and nearby allies.

Weapon store upgrade Weapon Store: Establish a Weapon Store to provide troops with better equipment. Newly summoned battalions will be armed with Forged Blades and a bow for ranged attacks (can toggle between bow and spear).

Armory upgrade Armory: Establish an Armory to provide troops with better protection. Newly summoned battalions will be equipped with shields and chain mail.


This structure can toggle on and off the ability to summon special Rohirrim to the battlefield every few minutes. It also grants +300 command points and produces resources.


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