"All was dark about it, earth and sky, but it was lit with light. Not the imprisoned moonlight welling through the marble walls of Minas Ithil long ago, Tower of the Moon, fair and radiant in the hollow of the hills. Paler indeed than the moon ailing in some slow eclipse was the light of it now, wavering and blowing like a noisome exhalation of decay, a corpse-light, a light that illuminated nothing."
The Two Towers

The Minas Morgul Flavor map is a fortress defense type where the player can either siege or defend Minas Morgul. It is part of the Flavor Map Pack presented by Hoho96 and Dr.House93. This map is a reboot for an old Minas Morgul map adding Olog-Hai to defend the tower and replacing Orc Warriors and Orc Pikemen with Morgul Orc Warriors and Morgul Pikemen. The fortress has 16 plots on which buildings from Mordor can be built, heroes can be recruited from the tower and unlocking the Nazguls is done through putting the tower under Sauron's Influence. The entire pack can be downloaded here.


Mordor's Armies marching out of the Tower of Sorcery in the Return of the King movie

Change to the .ini file

A couple minor detail have been tweaked to make the map more lore friendly. It is recommended to restart the game once you've played a game with this map. The changes are a follow:

Along with that it is recommended to play as Mordor inside the tower as another faction might be slightly buggy in the interaction with the tower.

Strategy for Minas Morgul

Sieging Minas Morgul

Defending Minas Morgul