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The Mineworkers are dwarves specialized in underground battle tactics, digging tunnels from the safety of their mineshaft to weaken enemy structures until they collapse. They can be recruited from the Hall of Warriors once the Siege Plan upgrade has been researched from the Forge and are available to all three dwarven realms.


Miner ability.png Dig Tunnel - This ability can only be used when a enemy building or wall is within range of the miner's ability. The Miner digs a mineshaft entrance, he gains building-like resistance to damage and can attack enemy buildings and walls from there.

Miner passive.png Tunnel Entrance - The Mineworker digs tunnels under enemy structures to crumble them. Right click on an enemy building with the mineworker selected to begin attacking an enemy building. The attacks are slow but unstoppable and can dig under walls to hit the building.

Halt bombardment.png Stop - The Miner stops all actions and remains on the location until he is given an order.


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