"The elves were the first to charge. Their hatred for the goblins is cold and bitter. Their spears and swords shone in the gloom with a gleam of chill flame, so deadly was the wrath of the hands that held them. "
The Hobbit

Mirkwood Swordsmen (Sindarin: Megyr Taur-nu-Fuin) are the late-game alternative to the Lórien Borderguard Swordsmen for the Lothlórien faction. They can be recruited from the Mirkwood Outpost once you have built a Troopchamber on one of the build plots.


Mirkwood swordsmen formation Shield Wall: The Mirkwood Swordsmen lock their shield together, creating a powerful shield wall which enemies struggle to push through. The Swordsmen gain +50% armor but lose -50% damage.

Ambush of woodelves Ambush of the Woodelves - The woodelves ambush their enemies. Mirkwood Warriors knock back enemies with their attacks for 15 seconds. Can only be activated when the battalion is in stealth.


The Mirkwood Swordsmen have access to the following upgrades:
Lorien banner carrier Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units when out of combat. Cost: 200
Lorien forged blades Master Blades - Greatly increases the damage of this battalion and provides a damage bonus against other infantry (swordsmen, pikemen, archers, etc...). Cost: 500


Mirkwood Swordsmen serve better on the battlefield than Lórien Borderguard Swordsmen mostly because they are stronger and they have the skill Shield Wall Formation, which gives them +50% armor but -50% damage, allowing them to last longer in battle. They can be used to support other Mirkwood or Lothlórien units. They can be boosted with the spellbook powers Elven Wood and Horns of the Noldor as well as Thranduil's ability Elvenking of Mirkwood.

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