"One does not simply walk into Mordor. Its Black Gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume."

Mordor is one of the most aggressive factions with an open fortress, which provides 8 Plots and 8 defense areas. The whole gameplay of the faction is focused on the central hero Sauron, who is responsible for the development of upgrades and activation of various forces. By fulfilling tasks the power of Sauron may be multiplied and expanded, whereby various heroes who are linked to his will become more powerful at the same time. Mordor has a variety and mass of different troops, but they are weaker than other factions in direct fight. On settlements and outposts troops from Minas Morgul, Cirith Ungol, and Dol Guldur may be recruited.

Strategic Points


The castle of Mordor is equipped with battle towers all around the outside and 4 building plots around the citadel. On these 4 building plots, the player can build catapults, barricades, or Guardians of Cirith Ungol, which can cast a fear spell pushing enemies away from the base. It doesn't posses any walls but the many defense building plots are cheap and strong and are upgraded to fire arrows once the Battle Tower is under Sauron's Influence . It possesses 8 main building plots and 9 defensive tower plots. Cost: 5000 resources.


The camp doesn't have the 4 center defense plots, but the player can still build 7 sentry towers on small defense plots that will be upgraded once the Battle Tower is under Sauron's Influence. Cost: 2000 resources.


The outpost can be selected to build either Minas Morgul, Dol Guldur or a basic Mordor Outpost where the Orc Tent, Arsenal, Tribute Camp, Troll Cage, Great Siege Works, and Battle Tower can be constructed. Cost: 2500 for Minas Morgul or Dol Guldur, 1200 for regular outpost.


On the settlements the player can choose to build Cirith Ungol, a Slave Camp or a Slaughterhouse. Cost: 800 for a Cirith Ungol Barracks, 200 for a Slave Camp or a Slaughterhouse.


Name/Shortcut Buildable at Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Citadel (N/A) Castle, Camp, Outpost N/A 4000 The citadel is the central building of a fortress or a camp. Mordor heroes can be recruited from there. N/A
Tribute Camp (Y) Castle, Camp 400 2500 The Tribute camp is a economy building that can be built at fortresses and camps. If Influence of Sauron is used on a Tribute Camp then all further reinforcements from Rhun and Harad will be upgraded with Heavy Armor (units) or War Tattoos (Mumak). Reduces recharge time of spellbook spells:

  • 2 Tribute camps: -5%
  • 3 Tribute camps: -10%
  • 4 Tribute camps: -15%
  • 5 Tribute camps: -20%
  • 6 or more Tribute camps: -25%
Arsenal (X) Castle, Camp 400 2500 The Arsenal is a economy building that can be built at fortresses and camps. If Influence of Sauron is used on an Arsenal, unlocks the fire arrow upgrade for Orc Archers. Reduces the cost of upgrades and siege engines:

  • 2 Arsenals: 10%
  • 3 Arsenals: 15%
  • 4 Arsenals: 20%
  • 5 Arsenals: 25%
  • 6 or more Arsenals: 30%
Mordor Barracks/Tents (C) Castle, Camp, Outpost 500 3500 Can train Orc Warriors , Orc Archers , Orc Pikemen and research the banner carrier upgrade. If Influence of Sauron is used on a Mordor Barracks or Tent, it can train Overseers. N/A
Troll Cage (N) Castle, Camp, Outpost 800 4500 Trains Mountain Troll and Drummer Troll (at level 2) . If Influence of Sauron is used on a Troll Cage, it unlocks the the troll armor upgrade for Mountain Trolls. N/A
Great Siege Works (G) Castle, Camp, Outpost 600 3500 Train Battering Rams, Siege Towers and Catapults. If Influence of Sauron is used on a Great Siege Works, it can train Troll Catapults. If the power Hammer of the Underworld is used on it then all training will briefly halt while Grond emerges from the Great Siege Works. N/A
Battle Tower (A) Castle, Camp 500 3000 Long range defensive tower that can be garrisoned with archers. If Influence of Sauron is used on a Battle Tower then all Battle Towers and Sentry Towers will be permanently upgraded with fire arrows. N/A
Tol-In-Gaurhoth (N/A) N/A N/A 6000 Gorthaur/Sauron uses his power to corrupt the landscape and brings back his fortress of old. It can be upgraded with doom pyres, lava moat and magma cauldrons. It deploys the vampire bats and trains Werewolves. The ability Influence of Sauron cannot be cast on it. N/A


Name Type Where to Recruit/Requires Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Orc Warriors Swordsmen Mordor Barracks/Tents Free 60 Pikemen Y
Orc Pikemen Pikemen Mordor Barracks/Tents 300 60 Cavalry X
Easterlings Pikemen Spellbook Power: Reinforcements of Rhun Free 120 Cavalry N/A
Rhun Halberdier Warriors Swordsmen Spellbook Power: Reinforcements of Rhun Free 120 Pikemen N/A
Orc Overseer Support Mordor Barracks/Tents + Influence of Sauron (on the Mordor Barracks/Tent) 300 None None B
Morgul Shadow Heroic Lesser Wraith + Influence of Sauron (on the Minas Morgul Outpost) Free N/A All regular melee infantry N/A
Orc Archers Archer Mordor Barracks/Tents 300 80 Ranged C
Haradrim Lancers Cavalry Spellbook Power: Reinforcements from Harad N/A 300 Swordsmen N/A
Drummer Troll Monster, Support Troll Cage Level 2 1200 90 Swordsmen X
Mountain Troll Monster Troll Cage 600 60 Swordsmen, Structures, Archers, Cavalry Y
Mumakil Monster Spellbook Power: Reinforcements from Harad N/A 300 Swordsmen, Structures, Cavalry, Archers, Heroes N/A
Gorthaur's Werewolves Monster Tol-In-Gaurhoth 2000 90 Swordsmen, Cavalry, Archer Y
Battering Ram Siege Great Siege Works 300 20 Structures Y
Siege Tower Support Great Siege Works 400 30 N/A X
Catapult Siege Great Siege Works 600 60 Structures C
Troll Catapult Siege Great Siege Works + Influence of Sauron (on the Great Siege Works) 1000 60 Structures V
Black Riders Heroic Citadel 2400 120 Swordsmen, Pikemen, Archer A
Black Easterlings Siege Khamul Unveiled and Sauron Level 10 Free 90 Structures, Swordsmen N/A
Lesser Wraith Support Enemy units dies under effect of the Morgul Blade ability Free N/A N/A N/A
Morgul Shadow Support Lesser Wraith + Influence of Sauron on Minas Morgul Outpost Free 10 Swordsmen, Pikemen, Cavalry N/A

Naval Units

Naval units are the only one which can travel over water they are built at docks which need to be captured. Once captured the player can train the units, but other players can capture it, canceling the training.

Name Cost CP Strong vs. Description Shortcut
Umbar Transport 100 25 N/A Can transport up to two battalions or heroes into any other location, very weak. If it dies with units then the units will also die. Y
Corsair Black Ship 750 50 At Range, VS Ships Basic ships who shoot at any troops, ships or structures nearby, can be upgraded with improved armor and improved damage. X
Corsair Bombardment Ship 3000 100 Structures Mighty siege ship which deals huge damage from afar. Can take down a building in merely a couple of hits C
Mordor Doom Ship 500 25 Ships Will explode when nearby to the target ship destroying other nearby ships and itself. V



Shagrat was a large, long-armed orc, Captain of the Tower of Cirith Ungol, and one of the orcs who found Frodo Baggins after he had been poisoned by Shelob. Gorbag was an Orc Captain of the Cirith Ungol, originally from Minas Morgul.

In the Edain Mod, they are paired together. The player can switch between either, as they please, with a small cooldown between each switch. They both attack with the sword but while Gorbag deals slight poison damage, Shagrat's attacks deals AoE damage.


"The Age of Men is over. The Time of the Orc has come."

Gothmog was the Orc lieutenant of the Witch-king in the Third Age, from Minas Morgul, notably at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

In the Edain Mod, he is recruited from the Castle/Camp citadel on foot (although he can later mount a warg) and comes to support the troops of Mordor with various abilities. He use a crude blade to strike clumsily at his foes, and due to weird code bugs will tend to aim for the enemy backline, make sure to watch him at all times.


Mollok is the king of the trolls. He is clad in battle armor that renders him very resistant to damage, yet he is one of the most underused heroes. He was never named but is based off the Troll that attacked Aragorn at the battle of the Black Gate.

In the Edain Mod, he can be recruited from the Castle/Camp citadel wielding a giant blade. His attacks deal a heavy AoE damage and inflict knockback, meaning he can take on lots of unit at once. However, be careful of spear armed infantry, who will quickly reduce his health to nothing since he can also trampled units dealing minor damage and knocking them back.

Dark Marshal

In the centuries since the Dark Marshal and his fellow kings became Ringwraiths, he has become even more sadistic and malicious. The most black-hearted and unrelentingly cruel of all the Nazgûl, his name is a byword for misery and death. Where the Dark Marshal passes, evil creatures fight harder, fearful of their lives whilst good warriors feel the icy touch of death upon their hearts.

In the Edain Mod, he is recruited as a veiled Nazgul armed with a sword, his face hidden and spreading terror in the heart of his enemies. Once the power of Mordor is increased sufficiently, the player can either chose to send him out to seek the One Ring atop his fell beast or he can gear up in his dark armor and turn all of his malice against the enemies of Mordor, even deadlier than before.

Shadow Lord

The Shadow Lord was once the king of a small and insignificant kingdom. When Sauron offered him one of the Nine Rings, the promise of its power proved irresistible. Now, his physical being all but gone, and his will enslaved to Sauron, the Shadow Lord wears his dark pride like a cloak, blotting the sun from the sky and dimming the sight of his foes.

In the Edain Mod, he is recruited as a veiled Nazgul armed with a sword, his face hidden and spreading terror in the heart of his enemies. Once the power of Mordor is increased sufficiently, the player can decide, just like for the Dark Marshal, to send him out to seek the One Ring or he can drape himself in robes weaved with dark spells and bring death to all of Mordor's enemies.

Mouth of Sauron

The Mouth of Sauron was a living man, the ambassador and messenger of Sauron, the Lieutenant of the Dark Tower of Barad-dûr in Middle-earth and one of the most devoted and dark servants of Sauron at the time of the War of the Ring. His true name had been forgotten, even by himself.

In the Edain Mod, he is recruited from the Citadel and comes riding out on his black steed, armed with a sword. He is well versed in dark magic and can use his words to charm his enemies and put upon them diverse curses. When all else fails, he can channel the power of his master into deadly magic attacks or use his sword to fend for himself.


"The age of the Eldar has come to an end."

Sauron was a Maia and main antagonist during the War of the Ring. He was the creator of the One Ring and can wield it to devastating ends. He was defeated many times during the history of Middle Earth, but he always came back stronger and dealing even more damage to the Free People until he was finally defeated.

In the Edain Mod, Sauron is the central point in the strategy of Mordor, his power affects all around him and as he rises in level, so do the Nazgul and the Mouth of Sauron. He his recruited in his shadow form who attacks with black waves of death but can switch to many different forms depending on the powers used on him. Once recruited, he can never be killed, if all of his health is spent he will become a simple shadow for some time and then return in his Shadow form no matter the form he died in.


Grond, also known as the Wolf's Head, was a one hundred-foot long battering ram with a head in the shape of a ravening wolf.  Though named for Morgoth's warhammer it was created in the likeness of the Wolf of Angband, Carcharoth.

In the Edain Mod, he can only be recruited when the spellbook power Hammer of the Underworld is used on a Great Siege Works. This will trigger his recruitment process and Grond will emerge from the Great Siege Works a short while after. He is a massive battering ram, slow but steady, who can trample units and dead small amounts of damage.

External Buildplots


Name/Shortcut Buildable at Cost in Resources Life Points Description Price Reductor
Slave Camp (Y)

Outpost, Settlement

200 2500 The Slave Farm is an economy building that can be built at settlements.

If Influence of Sauron is used on a Slave Farms, the damage of overseer-driven orcs will be increased by 20%.

Reduces the cost of orcs:

  • 2 Slave Farm: 10%
  • 3 Slave Farms: 15%
  • 4 Slave Farms: 20%
  • 5 Slave Farms: 25%
  • 6 or more Slave Farms: 30%
Cirith Ungol (C) Settlement 800 6500 Train Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol and Black Uruk-Hai. If Influence of Sauron is used on Cirith Ungol Barracks, it will unlock the training of Black Uruk Archers. At level 3, it can fire arrows. N/A
Slaughterhouse (X) Outpost, Settlement 200 2500 The Slaughterhouse is an economy building that can be built at settlements.

If Influence of Sauron is used on a Slaughterhouse then all trolls will be permanently upgraded to level 2 and all trolls that are recruited as long as the Slaughterhouse stands will come out at level 2.

Reduces the cost of monsters:

  • 2 Slaughter houses: 10%
  • 3 Slaughter houses: 15%
  • 4 Slaughter houses: 20%
  • 5 Slaughter houses: 25%
  • 6 or more Slaughter houses: 30%
Minas Morgul (C) Outpost 2500 6000 Home of the Witch-King this fortress reveals stealthed units and drain them of 10% damage and armor. It trains Morgul Orc Warriors, Morgul Archers, Morgul Pikemen and Morgul Riders along with the Witch King himself. If Influence of Sauron is used on a Minas Morgul outpost, it unlocks the Morgul Shadow upgrade for Lesser Wraiths. N/A
Dol Guldur (X) Outpost 2500 6000 The dark fortress of Mirkwood is under the command of Khamul and poisons nearby enemies with its aura. It trains Dol Guldur Orcs, Dol Guldur Archers, Dol Guldur Pikemen, Mirkwood Spiders, Castellans and even the Shadow of the East himself, Khamul. If Influence of Sauron is used on a Dol Guldur Outpost, spiders of Mirkwood can be recruited for free in that outpost. N/A


Name Type Where to Recruit/Requires Cost CP Strong vs. Shortcut
Morgul Orc Warriors Swordsmen Minas Morgul Free 60 Pikemen, Swordsmen Y
Morgul Pikemen Pikemen Minas Morgul 300 60 Cavalry, Monsters X
Castellans Swordsmen, Heroic Dol Guldur 1100 90 Swordsmen, Pikemen, Archer B
Black Uruk-Hai Swordsmen Cirith Ungol 500 None Pikemen, Heavily Armored Units X
Morgul Riders Cavalry, Heroic Minas Morgul 1600 120 All Normal Infantry V
Black Uruk Archers Archer Cirith Ungol+ Influence of Sauron 600 None At range C
Halberdiers of Cirith Ungol Pikemen Cirith Ungol 600 None Monsters, Cavalry Y
Dol Guldur Orcs Swordsmen Dol Guldur Free 60 Pikemen Y
Dol Guldur Pikemen Pikemen Dol Guldur 300 60 Cavalry, Monsters C
Morgul Archers Archer Minas Morgul 300 80 At range C
Dol Guldur Archers Archer Dol Guldur 300 80 At range X
Mirkwood Spiders Special Dol Guldur 300 90 Cavalry V



"Shire.... Baggins...."
Khamul, Shadow of the East

Khamûl was one of the nine Ringwraiths, second to the Witch-King, in Middle-earth after Arnor was defeated. During the Third Age, he held Dol Guldur as Sauron's lieutenant. After the Witch-King was slain, he became the Lord of Nazgûl for a short period.

In the Edain Mod, he is recruited on foot at the Dol Guldur Outpost as a veiled Nazgul. He can later be unveiled and will then reveal his true power as a building destroyer. In addition, he can mount his fell beast once unveiled.

Witch-King of Angmar

"The Witch-king of Angmar. He is the Lord of the Nazgûl; the greatest of the Nine. Minas Morgul is his lair."

The Witch-king of Angmar was the leader of the Nazgûl or Ringwraiths, and Sauron's second-in-command in the Second and Third Ages. Once a king of men, he was corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Power given to the lords of men and became an undead wraith in the service of Sauron. He is also present in the Angmar faction.

In the Edain Mod, he is recruited from the Minas Morgul Outpost as veiled Nazgul of terrifying power and can even be unveiled later on to increase his strength. He will then wield a mace he can use to deal AoE damage. He is one of the most expensive heroes to fully power since his based recruitment cost is 2000 resources and to unveil him costs 1500 resources, a total of 3500 (if you don't count having to recruit Sauron).


The spellbook that can be seen below is the Mordor Spellbook that has been planned for the 4.5 patch. It is not yet out and it is perfectly normal if you see the old spellbook. The old spellbook can still be consulted below.

To see a power you can either hover on one of them on the image below or click on one of the tabs under that. If you feel like the hover areas are off a bit, try zooming in or out the page out.

4.4 Spellbook

Tainted Land

Cost: 1 point
Visual Effect: The land becomes corroded, gaining a greyish look for some time as the land becomes corrupted.
Gameplay Effect: All units that stand on the Tainted Land gain 25% armor. Can be used to cover up other ground powers such as Elven Forest or enemy Tainted Lands. It will also cover up allied Tainted Land, so be careful to make sure who's land you're covering.

Eye of Sauron

Cost: 1 point
Visual Effect: Summons a controllable Eye of Sauron which can be selected through the hero palantir.
Gameplay Effect: Any units under the Eye will gain +30% damage. In addition, all enemy leaderships under the eye are negated. This is a good early game buff to even the playing field for your Orc Warriors.

Endless Hordes

Cost: 1 point
Visual Effect: All troops regain a unit that appear in a similar manner to the level 2 out of combat unit regeneration.
Gameplay Effect: The endless hordes of Mordor are inexhaustible. Replaces one fallen unit of every horde on the battlefield. This includes heroic units, and hero battalions such as the Black Riders, the Castellans, the Morgul Riders and many other.

His Deadliest Servants

Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: None
Gameplay Effect: The Ring Hunter and Battle Armor upgrades are unlocked for the Witch King, Khamul, the Shadow Lord and the Dark Marshal. This allows them to either buy the standard Ring Hunter upgrade or their unique Battle Armor upgrade.

Terror of Cirith Ungol

Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: Shelob emerges from the ground.
Gameplay Effect: Call the giant spider Shelob under your control for a 100 seconds (1 min and 40 seconds). She is a deadly hero killer capable of stopping a hero in its tracks and then catching up to him instantly. She can also summons spiderlings to do her bidding and destroy her enemies.

Reinforcements of Rhun

Cost: 3 points
Visual Effect: A battalion of Rhun Halberdier Warriors and Easterlings appear from the edge of the map near the player's starting point.
Gameplay Effect: Calls permanent vassals from the distant lands of Rhun which appear at the edge of the map. The reinforcement will only arrive once 120 unused command points are available. They can be upgraded with Heavy Armor if the Tribute Camp is put under Sauron's Influence. One Horde of Easterlings and one Horde of Rhun Halberdier Warriors.

Arrow Volley

Cost: 2 points
Visual Effect: The target area is riddled with several volleys of arrows a short time after a couple warning shots are fired off.
Gameplay Effect: The units and heroes in the target area take damage every time an arrow volley strikes, this power is better paired with some stun power since the arrow volley can be avoided.

Call the Horde

Cost: 7 points
Visual Effect: All Orc producing buildings are surrounded by a tornado like special effect.
Gameplay Effect: Temporarily drastically increases the recruitment speed of any orc type units to the point where the longest part in the production process is the animation of the orcs exiting the building. Best used when the army has been entirely wiped since it will stop if the CP cap is reached.


Cost: 6 points
Visual Effect: The entire map is covered in darkness, lowering the brightness. All units gain a leadership fx.
Gameplay Effect: Temporarily covers the whole map in darkness. All Ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor. Does not stack, negates any other weather spells in progress but can be negated by other weather spells.

Reinforcements of Harad

Cost: 7 points
Visual Effect: Two battalion of Haradrim Lancers and a Mumakil appear from the edge of the map near the player's starting point.
Gameplay Effect: Call permanent vassal from southern Harad which appear at the edge of the map. The reinforcement will only arrive once 240 unused command points are available. Two hordes of Haradrim Lancers and a Mumakil.

Power of Past Ages

Cost: 10 points
Visual Effect: The Necromancer is shrouded in Darkness and red lightning strikes around him.
Gameplay Effect:Awaken the forgotten power of Sauron, which he lost during his downfall. The Necromancer become Gorthaur, the scholar of Aule. Also cause minor knockback effect and damage once activated on the Necromancer or Gorthaur.


Cost: 10 points
Visual Effect: Grond emerges from the target Great Siege Works.
Gameplay Effect: Order the designated workshop to construct the mighty, wolf shaped, battering ram Grond to tear down the fortifications of your enemies. Only one Grond can be present on the battlefield. Grond is mounted by six fire arrows archers that deal a huge amount of damage to anything they hit, however whether or not they decide to attack is often random.


More upgrades can be seen here.

Name Cost of Research Cost of Equipping Effect Requirement
Banner Carrier 400 200 Promotes the battalions to rank two allowing them to replace fallen units while out of combat. Can only be purchased at level 1. Purchase at Mordor Barracks/Tents level 2.
Heavy Armor 0 0 Gives the battalion additional armor against all attacks. Only available for Reinforcement of Rhun/Harad if Tribute Camp is under Sauron's influence
Fire Arrows 0 400 Archers deal more damage to buildings and deal fire damage to units Available for standard Orc Archers and Morgul Archers if the arsenal is under Sauron's influence.
Troll Armor 0 400 Trolls gain more health and are more resistant. Allows the purchase of a Troll Weapon. Available for Mountain Troll if the Troll Cage is under Sauron's Influence
Troll Weapons (Mace, Sword, Hammer) 0 300 Mace deals bigger AOE damage, Sword deals more single target damage with some AOE and Hammer deals heavy single target damage against buildings Available for Mountain Troll once Troll Armor has been purchased and if the Troll Cage is under Sauron's influence.
Lava Moat 750 0 Decreases the mele vulnerability of the fortress Purchasable in Tol-In-Gorauth
Magma Cauldron 1000 0 Allow the fortress to pour burning lava on the nearby enemies Purchasable in Tol-In-Gorauth
Doom Pyres 600 0 Reduces the cost of heroes by 20% Purchasable in Tol-In-Gorauth
Ring Hunter 0 1000 The Nazgul is appointed Ring hunter and gains new abilities and a Fell beast to ride on Available to veiled Shadow Lord and Dark Marshal once the power "His Deadliest Servant" (3pp) has been purchased
Unveiling of the Nazgul 0 Varies depending on which Nazgul Unveils the Nazgul allowing him to gain new abilities and new stats Available to the veiled Nazguls once the power "His Deadliest Servant" (3pp) has been purchased


Without a doubt, Mordor is a villainous faction focused primarily on doggedly assaulting its enemies and relentlessly attacking them straight from the beginning. With the free orc warriors at the barracks, Mordor is capable of immediately raising a growing army of weak but numerous soldiers that are sent wave upon wave after enemy bases. Even after sending one army to the enemy, Mordor already has the priority of quickly producing the next army that will follow, culminating in a deadly onslaught.

Mordor's strength is found in their main hero unit, Sauron, whose power increases as specific tasks are completed. In return, Sauron's abilities increase the power of his armies as his own power grows, granting access to dangerous new weapons and monsters, and bolstering the damage of Mordor's forces with his presence. Even if he is defeated in battle, Sauron resurrects himself after one minute, which is usually enough time to wander away from harm until he regains his strength and that of his army. Sauron is Mordor's most important unit. His level of power is tied to that of half of Mordor's hero units, and without hint, Mordor's strength is dramatically reduced.

In the mid to late game, Mordor does not essentially rely on swarming enemies with orcs, but instead in recruiting large and dangerous weapons. Their siege weapons are cheap, fast, and weak, and effective when used en masse like their infantry. They also have access to several monstrous beasts that serve as the damage soakers and damage dealers simultaneously. Their elite units trained from the Cirith Ungol barracks, and both of their unique outposts, are especially dangerous when flung into the field of battle surrounded by the inexhaustible orc hordes. Mordor's hero units also function in much the same way as their monster units and elite units, and are best when incorporated into the vast army of Mordor, dealing the majority of the damage while the orcs protect them.

One of the core aspects of Mordor are the outposts: Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur. Both of them offer a very strong hero to add to Mordor's ranks. Minas Morgul adds orcs with better armour, cavalry, and Morgul Shadows, while Dol Guldur offers orcs with better damage, heroic swordsmen and poison defences. To work out which one to go for, the player would need to evaluate how the game is going. If the enemy has a lot of armour, but not a lot of damage, the extra damage offered by Dol Guldur would work. If the enemy has high damage but low armour, then Minas Morgul would be a better choice.

For the sake of raw power and ruthless aggression, Mordor suffers from glaring weaknesses, one of them being their lack of defenses compared to good factions like Gondor and Rohan. Without walls, Mordor relies on arrow towers to dissuade enemy units from entering their territory, and also requires a massive number of soldiers to claim and hold an area.They also lack cavalry, as the majority of their mounted units are expensive and rare, and so are only available in the late game. Mordor's greatest weakness however, is also their greatest strength, which is Sauron. Although Sauron can only be killed temporarily, his absence nullifies many of Mordor's powers, and leaves his armies weaker than before, as the majority of Mordor's military consists of mass-produced meat-shield orcs that protect their monsters and commanders.