"[There] came striding up, roaring like beasts, a great company of hill-trolls out of Gorgoroth...Like a storm they broke upon the line of the men of Gondor."
The Return of the King

Mountain Trolls are very versatile units that serve Mordor since they can pick out of 3 different weapons which will each give them specific strengths. They are however very underused because of their relative weakness due to their small health. Unarmored they deal small AOE damage and medium damage to buildings. Armored they deal heavy damage to units or buildings depending on what they have specialized in.


(Troll abilities have prerequisites: see "Upgrades")

Troll ability Hammer: Splintering Blow - For 10 seconds the Troll's hammer blows disable all buildings that he attacks.

Troll ability Club: Sweeping Strikes - For 10 seconds the Troll's club swings hit a 30% greater area.

Troll ability Sword: Vicious Swipes - For 10 seconds the Troll's sword swipes knock down, in addition to units, heroes and trolls.

Armored Mountain Trolls

Armored Mountain Trolls rush through the shattered gate of Minas Tirith in the film The Return of the King


Upgrading the mountain troll is a key part of the Troll Strategy and requires the Troll Cage to be under Sauron's influence. It is key to note that once upgraded trolls gain a new ability but will still all be selected no matter the weapon they have. Therefore doing select across map will select all the mountain trolls present but not allow you to use the abilities. The upgrades are as follows:

Troll armor Battle Armor: This doubles the armor from 4000 health point to 8000; it is required to move on to the weapon upgrades.

  • Troll hammer Siege Hammer: Deals high damage against the buildings. Unlocks the Splintering Blow ability
  • Troll mace Assault Mace: Deals large AOE damage. Unlocks the Sweeping Strikes ability
  • Troll sword Troll Sword: Deals high damage against heroes and monster. Unlocks the Vicious Swipes ability


The strength of the trolls lies in their versatility. They can practically become anything and deal damage to most enemies apart from pikemen. If they wish to assault a base then the Hammer upgrade is the better option, but it is also possible to use it to deal heavy damage to the heroes. They are however quite weak and must only be used in groups or as supported by other units. They can also be easily singled out due to the their size and how they stick out in the other orcs.