"Horns were blown and trumpets were braying, and the mûmakil were bellowing as they were goaded to war."
The Return of the King

Mûmakil were large creatures resembling elephants often used in battle by the Haradrim. To most cultures, the Mûmakil were creatures of great size, as fearsome as dragons, and to them were ascribed all kinds of strange powers. They are summoned through the "Reinforcements of Harad " (7pp) power to serve Mordor. They have a terrible fear of fire, and if they are harmed by it they will enter a blind rage, swinging around and hitting friend and foes alike before culminating in a final charge, trampling all in their passage. Their attacks hit both friends and foes, but the friendly units only suffer minor damage, and they will only trample enemy units. Summoning it costs 300 command points.

Mumakil lotr3

Mumakil in The Two Towers movie


Mumakil evacuate Evacuate - The troops mounted on the Mumakil depart.


Once the Tribute Camp is under Sauron's influence, the Mumakil will be summoned with the following upgrades:

War paints upgrade mumakil War Paint: Mumakil gain a stat boost and regenerate hitpoints. In addition, they gain some actual war paint and some spikes on their tusks and feet.

Banner carrier mumakil Banner Carrier: Mumakil are summoned at level 2 and can regenerate health.


Mumakil are mighty beasts that deal enormous damage to all type of units; their trample ability deals heavy damage, killing most foes but sparing friends. However, one must be careful not to trample pikemen, for they will cause even heavier trample-revenge damage. The attack is effective both for mass slaying and building destruction, but they deal damage to both friend and foes (though heavier damage will be dealt to foes). It will knock back all troops, even heroes, and push over fellow monsters, but will simply deal damage to other Mumakil. They are also very sensitive to fire which, if killed by it, will make them enter a blind rage, dealing equal and deadly damage to both foe and friend before dying. Mumakil are best used for map control and mass slaying as manipulating them inside a closed space can prove as deadly for the player's troops as for the enemy. They are also used better alone since grouping them can cause them to hit each other. You can also use Black Uruk Archers or any other Mordor archers so that the Mumakil can be used as a walking sentry.

In some ways, Mumakil are "almost like" the best unit in the game. Although they're additionally basically balanced, being weak to fire and arrow, the truth is every unit in the game fears the few threats that pose any risk of harm to a Mumakil. Mumakil are the best cross between cavalry and fortress towers they're allowed to be without breaking the game and for all practical purposes "map control" and "mass slaying" really sounds like "the game" when you get honestly down to it. The set of areas that Mumakil are not super dominating of are more to do with the odd kinds of issues of them crashing into each other which practice at using them could reduce, and of course, any terrain features which are *not* trample-able and smashable, as well as any spaces too small for one to fit through. I mean, sure, it's possible to list weaknesses and countermeasures against Mumakil.........but, for example, it's possible to get 9 battalions of Boromir's Guardians of the White Citadel. That's a Ring Hero bonus. And it's possible to field as many as 4 Named Nazgul heroes. Mumakil may be unwieldy, and not as fast as a Fell Beast-mounted Nazgul, but if you manage to field 9 whole Mumakil to a situation.......that situation is probably going to not be there for very long. For this consideration, it was changed that Mumakil would be summoned by a Spellbook power instead at the Mumakil Tent. Anything of this size that you are limited in how many you can have deserves extra attention.

Earlier Versions of Mumakil:

Even back when they were bought at Mumak pens, they were expensive, and cost time and resources like everything in the game, but they're relatively unlimited, and just about the largest darn things you can make. And you could make a lot of them. Especially with consideration that Fortresses are destroyable too, accomplishing building an additional Mumakil used to be seen as a comparable feat to building a new fortress-- a very real landmark that tells you more about how close you are to winning than many other things do.Besides Mumakil, the other really hugely significant parts of a force that command similar battlefield-dominating presence would be:

1) if you could accumulate a considerable concentration of Heroes-- "Fellowshipping", or populating the map with Fortresses, or for greater ambitions than that,

2) casting 10pp Spellbook Abilities and

3) bringing a Ring Hero into the fray.

There are many, many things that can destroy a Mumakil, and one on its own is nowhere near a game over, but there are many, many more things that are weaker than them than are stronger than them. And that list is even shorter when narrowed down to what one specific faction has to bring against you should you choose to dump resources into Mumakil. Because they can be garrisoned with their own Fire Arrows, they are like Battleships on Land. If you try to name all the Monsters in BFME, there have been many added to Edain over a long time, but Mumakil have still managed to stay quite near the top of the list of impressive displays of power, even in the new times of many even more gloriously destructive forces. Mumaks really are quite majestic monsters.