Nori was one of the Dwarves that travelled alongside Thorin on the Lonely Mountain quest. He was the brother of Dori and Ori.


Dwarven wealth Level 1: Dwarven Wealth - Nori made his home as a rich dwarf in Erebor after his journey with Thorin and now doesn't need to worry about his retirement anymore. He levels up once per minute and gains a mithril shirt at level 10, increasing his armor by 30% (Passive ability)

Shady fellow Level 1: Shady Fellow - For 30 seconds Nori moves 25% faster and reveals the area he wanders through for 20 seconds. The revealed regions unveil hidden units.

Summon dori Level 3: Dori - For 30 seconds, Dori comes to the aid of his brother and attacks enemies in his line of sight. Dori is always at the same level as Nori.

  • At level 5 Dori deals +25% more damage.
  • At level 7 Dori also increases Nori's damage by 25% while he's on the battlefield.
  • At level 10, Dori's attacks hit multiple enemies and knock them to the ground.

Throwing knife Level 5: Throwing Knife - Inflicts light damage to an enemy and reveals them for a brief time.

Ambush Level 8: Ambush - Nori quickly moves to a target location and surprises nearby enemies by throwing several daggers in a circular radius outwards away from him, damaging surrounding enemy units.


Nori's role in the game is based on his ambush powers. While a cheap hero, he can very easily reach level 10 as he gains experience automatically, making him useful throughout the game. At level 1, Nori can be used for scouting purposes with Shady Fellow. This ability can also be used to escape from trouble thanks to the increased speed boost. He can summon his brother Dori who will protect him and attack nearby foes. As Nori levels up, Dori becomes more powerful. Throwing Knife deal a small amount of damage but can mainly be used to keep track of a target and reveal a larger area if they are escaping. Lastly, Ambush can allow Nori to travel short distances quickly, while dealing small damage to surrounding foes. This makes Nori a powerful early hero against large numbers of weak units.
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