Orc Archers are the basic archers of Mordor. They have little strength on their own but once paired with various leaderships they can prove deadly to all. They have been there since the original BFME and will always be there just like free Orc Warriors will always be free. It is important to not fill up your command points with only standard orcs but to also include Orc Archers as damage dealers. As usual, Mass Slayer Heroes will make quick work of them. The Orc archers don't have a type advantage but are particularly strong from a distance; however, if you let the enemy get close you will lose the battalion.


Crack the whip Crack the Whip (with Orc Overseer) - For 30 seconds the Archers deal double damage at range but lose 25% armor

Orc Archers-0

Orc Archers in the overtaken city of Osgiliath loose their arrows at Faramir and his charging knights in The Return of the King


The Orc Archers can be given the following upgrades:

Mordor banner Banner Carrier - This upgrade can only be given to a level 1 battalion and will promote it to level 2. At level 2 the battalion can regenerate units.

Mordor fire arrows Fire Arrows - This increases arrow damage against everything, especially buildings

Orc overseer upgrade Orc Overseer - If paired with an orc overseer they will gain bonuses and the ability Crack the Whip

The Fire Arrows upgrade can only be purchased once the Arsenal is under Sauron's influence.


Orcs Archers are the basic damage dealers of Mordor, they act as support to the Orc Warriors which take the damage while they deal it out. They have quite a low armor so it is important to always support them with other troops since they cannot hold out a fight on their own. Later in game they can be replaced with Morgul Archers and Dol Guldur Archers; however, Dol Guldur Archers don't cause as much damage, instead substituting it with poison damage. Their fire arrow upgrade is a big boost to their damage, but this will make them targets of the enemy requiring more management to avoid losing them. As any other troop they gain various boosts from leaderships and are affected by powers such as "Lord of Mordor" or "Might of the Damned". They can be mounted on Mumakil to work as a walking sentry. They are literally killed in one hit by cavalry and mass slayer heroes and deal less damage overall so keep those free orc meatshields handy to protect them.