"To the gate, you slugs! Now move it! Don't you know we're at war?"
Orc overseer

Orc Overseers from Mordor provide support to Orcs, whether from Barad-Dûr, Minas Morgul, Dol Guldur or Cirith Ungol. They provide various leaderships along with an ability which improves the power of the type advantage. They do have a single target damage with their whips. To pair a battalion with an overseer simply select either the overseer or the battalion and click on the battalion or on the overseer. Once paired you will be able to click on them as a single entity and the battalion will gain an icon for the leadership and the equivalent Crack the Whip ability. In addition, they put the units in formation strengthening their strategical powers. When they are recruited they increase the command point limit.

To recruit Orc Overseers, the Mordor Barracks must be under the influence of Sauron.

Leadership and "Crack the Whip"

Orc overseer passive The leaderships will only affect the battalion an Orc Overseer is attached to. They are as follows:

Orc Overseer

The Orc Overseer the Edain model is based on, inspecting orcs in The Return of the King

Crack the whip The "Crack the Whip" ability boosts the type advantage each unit has one way or another. They are as follows:

  • Swordsmen: For 30 seconds deal twice the damage against melee units but lose 25% armor
  • Pikemen: For 30 seconds deal double damage to cavalry and slow them down twice as much but lose 25% armor
  • Archers: For 30 seconds deal double damage against archers but lose 25% armor


Do not under any circumstances send an Orc Overseer into battle on its own, it will be a waste of 300 resources. The overseer can be paired with any orc to give it a significant boost. This will render them more resistant, and they can therefore be better utilized. However, using them with free standard Orc can be a limiting factor as they are rather basic and this would take away from their free element. Using Sauron's Influence of Sauron ability on the Slave Camp will give a bonus to all battalions paired with Orc Overseers, further improving their combat capabilities.