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"When Frodo came at last up on to the flet he found Legolas seated with three other Elves. They were clad in shadowy-grey, and could not be seen among the tree-stems, unless they moved suddenly."
The Fellowship of the Ring, "Lothlórien"

Recruit the brothers of Haldir - Rúmil and Orophin. They are the scouts of Lothlórien. They are both recruited from the citadel under one icon but are two separate heroes (unlike Elrohir and Elladan). They share experience once they are on the battlefield and have the same abilities. Rúmil is equipped with a bow and Orophin wields a sword. You can still use their abilities when they are both selected.


Rumil orophin ability.pngLevel 1: Rúmil and Orophin - Both heroes share combat experience, reveal hidden enemy units nearby, and can use their skills simultaneously while both are selected. (Passive ability)

Concealed strike rumil.pngLevel 1: Concealed Strike - Rúmil/Orophin uses his elven cloak to hide from his enemies, becoming invisible for 10 seconds. During this time, he can still move around and temporarily reveal himself to attack.

Wind runner rumil.pngLevel 1: Wind Runner - Rúmil/Orophin moves 50% faster for a short time. Skill may be used in conjunction with 'Concealed Strike'.

Lembas bread ability.pngLevel 3: Lembas Bread - Rúmil/Orophin eats a wafer of Lembas bread, healing himself for 1000 life points.

Stellar weapons ability.pngLevel 7: Stellar Weapons - The weapon of Rúmil/Orophin becomes bathed in a shining light, increasing damage by 50% and knocking back foes.


They can receive only one upgrade:

Galadriels gifts.png Gifts of Lorien - Galadriel hands gifts from Lothlorien to a hero. The gift can increase the stat of the heroes and/or grants it upgraded abilities. Rúmil and Orophin are gifted mighty elven armor that highly enhances their defense but lowers their speed. When the ability is cast on either the brothers both will get the armor.


Rúmil and Orophin are scout heroes, which means combat is not their strongest area. However, they can be better equipped for combat once they have the Gifts of Lorien upgrade and can make use of their level 7 ability, granting them +50% damage and knock-back for a short time. Their other abilities allow them to become invisible and move much faster, which can be used to track Gollum and get the Ring or to capture settlements. If only one of them dies, you will have to wait until the other dies as well to recruit them both again from citadel.


"We must keep our borders safe!"

"I will guard our people!"

"I sense a dark presence!"

"We must rid ourselves from Sauron's servants!"