"At this time the first Council was held, and it was there determined that an Elvish stronghold in the east of Eriador should be maintained at Imladris rather than in Eregion."
Unfinished Tales: The History of Galadriel and Celeborn

Rivendell, The Last Homely House

Rivendell is the stronghold of the Noldor in the east of Eriador, being founded in the Second Age during the War of Sauron and Elves. It is also known as Eregion. By the 3rd age, its the last Noldorin realm in Middle-Earth other than Lindon, and is the great preserver of knowledge and history in Middle-Earth.

However, Imladris was founded during a time of war, and a such, was established in a highly defensible valley. Even now the realm of Elrond maintains a close watch upon the Misty Mountains and holds the territory of Hollin (the former Noldorin realm of Eregion). The Lord of Rivendell since the end of the High-Kings of the Noldor have been the de-facto heads of the Noldorin Elves in Arda, and Rivendell has become the diplomatic center of Middle-Earth, with its central location and historical ties to nearly all factions in Middle-Earth.

Map Features

The player inside the fortress gains access to the Rivendell spellbook and heroes when they play as Lothlorien . In addition, the player inside the fortress can recruit Dunedain rangers and swordsman. They also may summon the White Council, who take 15 minutes to arrive, along with a fully upgraded army.

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