" On they all went, leading their ponies, till they were brought to a good path and so at last to the very brink of the river. It was flowing fast and noisily, as mountain-streams do of a summer evening, when sun has been all day on the snow far up above. There was only a narrow bridge of stone without a parapet, as narrow as a pony could well walk on; and over that they had to go, slow and careful, one by one, each leading his pony by the bridle."
The Hobbit

Rivendell is the hidden sanctuary for the elves of Eriador. The centerpiece of this city is the House of Elrond.

It is the fortress map of the Imladris faction.



Camp Plot
Camp Plot - Camp plots are smaller versions of Castles, smaller walls that cannot be manned and fewer defensive plots. In addition, there are fewer plots, requiring that some risks be taken with external economy plots. Camp plots cost 2000 to build.
Outpost Plot
Outpost Plot - Outposts only contain three building plots (unless you build the faction-specific outpost or the dwarven outpost which has 3 defensive plots) They are forward bases meant to support your war effort, acting as either an anchor in enemy territory or as economic support.
Settlement Plot
Settlement Plot - Settlements are small, cheap plots that provide either unit recruitment buildings or economy buildings. They're aren't the most powerful but can prove key in holding economic victory.

View of the Map

Rivendell creeps

This map is best for 2v1 not only because of the extreme closeness of the camps outside the fortress, but also because the fortress itself takes up half of the map. A single bridge connects these two camps to the fortress, and while the defense only has to focus on one point, the gates will have to be opened to go after any ranged siege units which will inevitably appear. Spellbook powers will be key in these moments.

  • The citadel of Rivendell, the House of Elrond
  • The bridge and only access point to the fortress
  • A view of the fortress

Lair Locations

  • Warg Lairs: Warglair

Gollum Possible Spawn Points

  • Gollum: Gollum spawn location


  • There is a non-functional Shipwright located in the eastern portion of the fortress.
  • Garrisonable towers can be found within the fortress walls and immediately outside the gate.

War of the Ring

Rivendell can be found on the WotR map on the eastern edge of Eriador before the Misty Mountains. It is part of the region of Eriador.

Controlling Rivendell gives:

  • 1 build plot (non-fortress)
  • +2 power points
Rivendell wotr map
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